When They Pull The Plug On Analog HD Broadcasts, Will You Be Ready?

Purelinks eases transition to all digital HD in 2009

Press Release from PureLink, The HDMI Solution

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When They Pull The Plug On Analog HD Broadcasts,
Will You Be Ready?

PureLink Adapts Users To 2009 HD Transition

Hackensack, NJ, Feb 10, 2006In just 36 short months, analog broadcasts of standard TV and HDTV will end. All HD programming after February 17, 2009 will be available only from the copy -protected HDMI output of the cable or satellite box and only connect via the HDMI input on the HDTV. The current analog component connection for HD will disappear, leaving only the lower resolution 480p version in its place. This change will affect millions of HDTV enthusiasts, forcing them to upgrade their systems to HDMI if they want to continue to enjoy their HDTV at 720p, 1080I, or 1080p.

How will HDMI integrate with existing home theater systems? By 2009, consumers will need HDMI switching for multiple HD sources such as HD -DVD, Blu -Ray, HD Cable or Satellite and HD Gaming consoles. The solution is available today from a new company located Hackensack, New Jersey called Dtrovsion LLC. Their PureLink brand of digital connectivity products solves the problem by providing digital HDMI switching and signal distribution within the home. PureLink's 2 -in, 1 -out HDMI switcher is the model HDS -21R at $299 MSRP; the model HDS -41R has 4 -in, 1 -out at $549 MSRP. Both models feature wireless remote control and the RS -232 port for outboard operation from a Crestron or AMX type controller.

Consumers who are thinking about their future connectivity needs should consider this carefully because the mainstream electronics retailers and manufacturers are just now getting on the HDMI bandwagon. In 2009, consumers will have no choice but to upgrade to HDMI if they want to watch HD content in 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

From his office in New Jersey, PureLink's President, Minsoo Park, explained it this way.
"HDMI is the future of HD delivery to the consumer and everybody should get on board now. There's only 36 months to go until the end of analog broadcasting. PureLink makes a line of products that can provide a pure digital throughput now without getting rid of the existing A/V receiver or preamp. With a PureLink, consumers are assured of delivering the highest quality HD programming to their HDTV"

PureLink's HDMI solutions provide HDCP pass -through and are built to the highest standards so they always meet spec and last a lifetime. All interested parties should contact Bob Rapoport at bob@trgmarketing.com or 727 -866 -0799 or Minsoo Park at mpark@dtrovision.com Log on to www.purelinkav.com to learn more about
HDMI, the new connectivity standard for the next 50 years. ###

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