Blueado Mini Media Centers incorporates Microsoft's Windows Media Center to produce a stylish, digital entertainment system that is virtually silent and loaded with more than 35 features.

February 1st, 2006 - Blueado, a leading designer of Media Centers specially designed for the living room, today announced the commercial availability of an all new Blueado Mini Media Center, the most compact Blueado Media Center ever. Just over 4 inches tall and under 8 inches wide, Blueado Mini redefines the the home theater Media Center. The Blueado mini is the ideal home theater Media Center for anyone looking to add a sense of style and sophistication to their home theater.

"Starting at $1,499 and just over 7 inches wide, the Blueado Mini Media Center is an industry first for US Media Center Manufactures." Says Denny Breitenfeld, President of Blueado. "At a time when Media Center manufactures are building big boxes or even focusing turning PC boxes into home theater systems, and charging well over 2,000 to do so, the Blueado Mini stays on target of what Blueado Media Centers are about: The living room".

Every Blueado Mini Media Center includes My Blueado, the revolutionary online setup configuration tool. Allowing customers to set up their TV signal, Speaker Configuration, and TV guide all from when they purchase the Blueado Mini. Reducing the time the customer has to set up their Blueado at home, to just a few minutes instead of over an hour.

Blueado Mini offers a average recording time of more then one and a half hours, more then two hours or more then two and a half hours, giving customers the ability to choose a system based on their budget, rather then on features.

Blueado Mini includes an impressive 54 Mbps 802.11g fast wireless networking, and the brand new Microsoft Media Center keyboard, a must have for enjoying online content from your living room. Blueado Mini offers the ability to purchase a Logitech universal home theater remote. The new Blueado Mini includes two front USB ports for easy plug -n -play connections to popular peripherals such as Play For Sure MP3 players.

The new Blueado Mini offers a HDTV Component interface that supports out put to High Definition Televisions, and includes video output, S -Video out, and VGA. All Blueado Mini's include a DVD Burner standard, and as well as two front USB ports for easy plug, and a Firewire port for easy plug -and -play connections to Digital cameras, and popular Microsoft Play for Sure MP3 players.

The Blueado Mini is available directly from for US customers.

The Blueado Mini m5e includes:

4.2 inches tall, under 8 inches wide, and just over 12 inches long
200 Gigabyte Storage will record over 300 hours of high qaulity video
Create your own DVD's with the built in DVD Burner!
Watch one TV show while recording another!
Extra Performance for you all your entertainment needs.
Store over 10,000 MP3's
Store over 25,000 Digital Pictures
Dolby Digital Audio Out in 5.1
DTS Digtial Audio (5.1, 6.1 and in the future 7.1)
Front USB 2.0 and Fire Wire Connections
7 Input Card Reader
S -Video, DVI, VGA and Standard Video Out
Front Audio Out and In

About Exlcom's Blueado:
Exlcom is a leading designer of consumer applications and technologies. Started in 1991 as Exl Productions, Blueado grew to develop leading technology Internet applications and by 1996 developed the east coast's first online restaurant web application. Exlcom has continued branching out into the telephone and computer fields seeking to keep consumers apace within the ever -changing field of technology. See for more information about Exlcom. See for more information about Blueado.

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