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Next-Generation Products Offer Three Times More Processing Power and Twice the Memory, Include AMX Duet Software for Dynamic System Design

BRUSSELS - Feb. 1, 2006 - AMX, a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, today added three new products to its popular line of NetLinx™ Integrated Controllers. The next -generation NI -2100, NI -3100 and NI -4100 offer many exciting new benefits for both dealers and end users, including significant reductions to programming time and an enhanced user experience. The new products are currently on display in AMX booth E17 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), being held in Brussels Feb. 1 - 3.

The NI -2100, NI -3100 and NI -4100 offer the same form factor as their predecessors, the NI -2000, NI -3000 and NI -4000, while offering twice as much memory and three times more processing power. These increases mean that system programmers can have more resources available to tackle even the most elaborate control system designs.

The controllers are Duet™ -compatible out of the box, an important benefit for both dealers and users. Duet is a dual -interpreter firmware platform from AMX, combining the proven reliability and power of NetLinx with the extensive capabilities of the Java 2 MicroEdition (J2ME) platform. Duet significantly simplifies system programming by standardizing device and function definitions, default touch panel button assignments, and control and feedback methods. Further, when adding or replacing a serial or IP device that supports AMX Dynamic Device Discovery technology, Duet recognizes the device and automatically loads the appropriate Duet module to install the device.

"I challenged our engineers and marketing staff to increase the performance of our next -generation NetLinx Controllers, and they successfully met that challenge with all three products," said Rashid Skaf, president and CEO, AMX. "By integrating AMX Duet technology into our new controllers, system integrators will soon be able to integrate products from our 43 Duet -enabled manufacturer partners with our next -generation NetLinx Integrated Controllers by simply plugging the devices in - creating the world's first 'plug and play' control system."

The NI -2100 is the ideal controller for small to medium installations such as home theaters, conference rooms and training facilities. It can support up to 15 distinct control ports - four IR, four I/O, four relay and three RS -232 / RS -422 / RS -485 serial port devices - and includes Ethernet and AXLink connectivity. An optional card is also available for installations requiring ISCNet.

The NI -3100 meets more extensive control and automation requirements within a large area or between multiple rooms. It can integrate up to 31 distinct control ports and offers eight IR, eight I/O, eight relays and seven RS -232 / RS -422 / RS -485 serial ports. It also includes Ethernet and AXLink connectivity, with ISCNet available via an optional card.

The NI -4100 is geared to meet the high -end control and automation requirements within the most sophisticated and complex commercial and residential installations. This solution is engineered with the same number of ports and relays as the NI -3100, plus four NetLinx Control Card slots for a superior level of built -in control and automation functionality. The NI -4100 enables Ethernet, AXLink and ISCNet connectivity.

The NI -2100, NI -3100, NI -4100 and ISCNet Card are all available from AMX today.

About AMX
Founded in 1982, AMX, a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc., is a worldwide leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential markets. AMX products enable users to centrally manage and control a variety of audio/video, environmental and communications technologies. Customers also leverage the company's advanced hardware and software platforms to store and distribute digital content, as well as to manage a selection of resources and services. By centralizing the management and control of these devices, AMX customers experience simplicity, efficiency and productivity in any environment. AMX delivers these benefits by working with leading manufacturers, dealers and distributors to integrate its products into vertical market installations around the world. It's your world. Take control.™ For more information about AMX, visit


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