Wisdom Audio Exhibits New Digitally Controlled Adrenaline Series \"Analog Active Brain\" at \'06 EHX

Wisdom Audio will exhibit the new digitally-controlled "Analog Active Brain" for the Adrenaline® Speaker Series at the 2006 Electronic House Expo (EHX), held from March 30 - April 1 at the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Fla.).

Wisdom Audio (www.wisdomaudio.com) is proud to announce that it will exhibit the new digitally controlled "Analog Active Brain" for the Adrenaline® Speaker Series at the 2006 Electronic House Expo (EHX), held from March 30 - April 1 at the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Fla.), booth #204C (Demo Alley). Wisdom President and CEO Tom Bohlender will be on hand to discuss the digitally controlled analog Active Brain that will allow for remote acoustic tuning of the world -renowned Adrenaline Series home theater speaker systems.

"Before the development of our new, remotely controlled Active Brain technology, I would have to visit each and every Adrenaline Series customer and fine tune the system on -site, and this concerned many possible new dealers and buyers," explained Bohlender. "Now, with the incorporation of the new digitally controlled analog Active Brain that comes with each Adrenaline Series system, the installer or consumer simply plugs their phone line into the included modem and the included microphone into the Brain. Then, I can access each and every system remotely, fine -tuning the frequency response of the system to individual room acoustics and the sonic preference of the owner, saving the client enormous time during set up. We are excited to offer this remote service while the audio signal remains in the analog domain where it belongs."

The Adrenaline Active Brain is a fourth -order constant -voltage crossover that provides both low -pass and high -pass outputs. The crossover network is implemented as a fourth -order state -variable filter. The slope of each output is 24 db/octave and, because of the fourth order design, the high -pass and low -pass outputs remain in phase with each other. All crossover work is done at the low end preamp level and then distributed to the designated amplifier, which allows for better amp load preference. The Active Brain allows for over 6,000 frequency permutations allowing the speaker to perform optimally in virtually any environment. This is all accomplished in the analog domain prior to power amplification.

The Active Brain allows all customers to benefit from the expertise of Tom Bohlender, without requiring him to be physically on -site. This development allows Wisdom to better service its dealers and end -users and provides Wisdom with a competitive edge over other high -end speaker manufacturers.

Wisdom Audio Adrenaline speakers were created for one reason: accurate signal reproduction that allows for the life -like recreation of a musical event. Although its design and hand -crafted quality is robustly beautiful and elegantly perceived, the focus is on performance. A 50 -inch or 75 -inch line source planar magnetic driver actively mated with one, two, or four 12 -inch underhung, 3 -inch voice -coil low frequency regenerators create the ultimate sound experience. As beautiful to look at as they are to listen to, the Adrenaline series are generally regarded as having the highest WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) of any audiophile -quality speaker in the industry.

The Monopole 50 encompasses the four -piece qualities of the larger M -75 system in a space -efficient two -piece footprint. Although more petite and affordable, it exhibits all the performance characteristics of the acclaimed Adrenaline Series. The M -50 is a four -foot Line Source positioned atop a single 12 -inch LFR per channel. MSRP: $35,000

The Adrenaline Series began here! The Monopole 75 was the first to utilize the culmination of Wisdom Audio's Planar Magnetic Line Source technology, innovative Underhung Low Frequency Regenerator (LFR) and Wisdom's exclusive Active Brain Crossover design. The M -75 is a Six Foot Line Source with Dual 12 inch LFR's per channel. MSRP: $55,000

Now available without a prescription. The Rush takes the Adrenaline Series to the limit. A unique version of the six -foot Line Source with four 12 -inch LFR's per channel. MSRP: $95,000

The M27 -C Center Channel, created to match the Adrenaline series in dynamics, resolution and timbre, completes any Wisdom Audio multi -channel installation. Its unique swivel design ensures the perfect placement for any room and the listener. MSRP: $18,000

The 7 -B Subwoofer was designed to work seamlessly with all Wisdom Audio speakers and is crafted in the tradition of fine furniture. The massive 18 -inch underhung driver - the first ever 4 -voice coil driver - plays down to an astonishing 7Hz. MSRP: $16,000

"It all started for Wisdom Audio with the Adrenaline Series nearly 10 years ago with the M -50 Monopole and the D -75 Dipole," Bohlender concluded. "Now, with the Adrenaline line further refined by the new digitally controlled analog Active Brain alongside our Neo and Infinite Series, Wisdom Audio's product offerings are second -to -none for those seeking nothing but the absolute best."

Please contact Wisdom Audio at 775 -887 -8825 or info@wisdomaudio.com for further details and specifications for the Adrenaline Series. Due to continual product improvement, all specifications subject to change without notice.

Images are available upon request.

About Wisdom Audio
Wisdom Audio has been manufacturing high -performance planar -hybrid loudspeaker systems since 1996. Wisdom Audio President and CEO Tom Bohlender, a founder of loudspeaker company Bohlender Graebner Corporation and a pioneer in planar transducer design, launched Wisdom Audio with Robert Smith to create no -compromise planar loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom -made planar and conventional transducers optimized for high -performance, high -end audio reproduction applications. Its hybrid -technology systems have earned praise from the specialized media, earning them the coveted "Golden Ear" award from The Absolute Sound while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide.

Wisdom Audio's line of planar -hybrid loudspeaker solutions range from the $5,000 Neo Series in -wall to the flagship $600,000 Infinite Wisdom Grande, the world's most expensive home loudspeaker system.

Wisdom Audio products are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsman at its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

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