Insight Media Releases 2006 Projection Lamp Report

Detailing the technology, trends, markets, forecasts and companies involved in High Intensity Discharge Lamps for Projection System Applications. Laser Projection and LED Projection Reports to follow in mid-February

January 26, 2006 - - Insight Media is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 Projection Lamp Report. This 331 -page report details the technology, trends, markets, forecasts and companies involved in High Intensity Discharge Lamps for Projection System Applications.

After rapid projection system growth in 2004 and 2005, the report finds that there is sufficient capacity to produce UHP -type lamps now and in the foreseeable future, with main growth engines coming from professional projection and lamp replacement markets. This should create stable demand, but with declining prices. Nevertheless, changes are coming rapidly.

As a result of rapid growth of flat panel TVs, we have reduced our forecast for microdisplay -based RPTVs, resulting in lower demand for new and replacement lamps. In addition, new illumination sources like LED and lasers are entering the market in 2006. Our forecast shows top -level penetration of these sources into the market for projection systems. Insight Media will be releasing the companion 2006 Laser Projection Report and 2006 LED Projection Report mid -February.

In addition, there are new categories for projectors that could emerge to drive sales, such as low cost projection systems. Such new categories could represent opportunities for LED, laser and other HID illumination sources.

Report Objective:

The objective of this report is to supply technologists, managers, product planners, engineers and researchers in both the lamp and the projection industries with the information needed to plan, design and manufacture the illumination stage of microdisplay -based projection displays. The required information needed to make these decisions includes performance data, cost information and availability, all forecasted from 2005 -2009.


*Forecast of projector sales through 2009, broken down by market segment and user group. This is used to create a top -down view of lamp demand.
*Forecasts of lamp sales for the OEM projector market
*Forecasts of lamp sales for the replacement lamp market, including complete models of the need for replacement lamps in 18 user groups. This is used to create a bottom -up view of demand, which agrees well with the top -down approach.
*Forecasts of lamp manufacturing capacity and production, broken down by vendor
*Forecast of lamp prices and factors affecting lamp prices
*Coverage of Illumination technologies that threaten the dominance of ultra -high -pressure mercury lamps
*18 complete profiles of vendors, including:
~Profiles of 11 ultra -high pressure mercury lamp (UHP -type) manufacturers. Xenon lamps for projection from these vendors are also covered
~Profile of 1 xenon lamp manufacturer
~Profile of 6 lamp reflector manufacturers
~Plus a table listing 31 lamp related companies, with contact information.
*The appendix contains explanations of lamp technology and manufacturing, plus sections on LED and solid -state Laser technology.
*View the complete table of contents

The main body of the report contains 137 figures and 51 tables. The Profiles section contains a rich assortment of figures, tables and other data on the profiled companies. The technical appendix contains 25 figures related to lamp, LED and Laser technology.

Comparison to the 2004 Projection Lamp Report

This report has several major additions, compared to the Insight Media 2004 Projection Lamp Report.

*Lamp pricing information, previously an extra -cost add -on, is now incorporated in the main report.
*Forecasts in the 2004 report went through 2006 or 2007. In the 2006 report, all forecasts are extended through 2009. All forecasts have been updated to reflect changes in the projection market in 2005.
*The 2006 report contains 18 company profiles, compared to 7 in the 2004 report. All profiles have been updated to reflect 2005 developments.
*The 2006 report contains 331 pages compared to 148 in 2004.
*A greatly expanded and more detailed replacement lamp model is provided to calculate the expected demand of ultra -high pressure mercury lamps for the projection market through 2009.

Who Should Buy:

*Anyone considering designing or manufacturing a microdisplay -based projection system.
*Wholesales, retailers or others involved in or contemplating entry into the replacement lamp market for projection systems.
*Lamp manufacturers in the projection market, or contemplating entering the projection market. This includes suppliers of both OEM and replacement lamps.
*People planning research, development or products utilizing UHP -type lamps.
*Engineers and researchers involved in microdisplay -based projection systems.
*Anyone interested in the projection lamp market.

Lamp Replacement Model:

The lamp replacement model used in this report is a series of spreadsheets that contain all of the new product forecasts, assumptions about user profiles, product and lamp lifetime and more.

Purchasers of the Lamp Replacement Model can customize spreadsheets and profiles for a wide variety of analytical tasks including 'what if' scenarios, and planning for lamp replacement ordering and inventory management - a costly mistake if not done well.


The 2006 Projection Lamp Report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement. The Lamp Replacement Model is delivered as an excel file under a site license agreement.


The 2006 Projection Lamp Report is $5,000 USD for a company site license.

The Lamp Replacement Model is available as a stand -alone product for $2,500 or for $1,000 if purchased with the 2006 Projection Lamp Report.

The above pricing is based on report purchase for one site location. Call Insight Media for multi -site pricing.

To order:

Call Annmarie at Insight Media (203) 831 -8464, or e -mail

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