NAD Introduces The Masters Series, A New Benchmark in Audio -Video Performance and Value

Master-Class engineering. No wonder your enjoyment takes a sharp upward turn.

CES 2006, Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 5, 2006 - NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio -video components, introduces a complete new line of components called The Masters Series, which sets new benchmarks in performance, ease -of -use and design.

Separate components are the audio enthusiasts' preference and occupy the highest tier of performance for consumer electronics products. For over 30 years NAD has embraced that philosophy with a design formula of Performance, Simplicity and Value. Conceived as complete systems, there is a new synergy of performance and luxury with the sleek components in the Masters Series.

Several years in the making, NAD's product development team have created the perfect balance of style, flexibility, ease -of -use, and investment grade value to define their best products in 33 years. Superb "Build -Artistry™" and Master -Class engineering set these components apart from all others on the market today.

From the smooth and precise action of the front panel controls to the elegantly proportioned remote handsets, every element of the design has been carefully considered for ease of use and clear logical operation.

The first four components to be released in the Masters Series are the M15 Surround Sound Processor, the M25 Seven -Channel Power Amplifier, the M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier and the M55 Universal DVD Player. By combining a variety of materials and subtle textures, the new industrial design is solid and substantial, yet fresh and exciting. The look of these Masters Series components visually reveals the dynamic performance capabilities contained within their sturdy forms.

"The industrial design must create a physical presence that is powerful, dynamic, and solid, yet refined and elegant" said Bob Brown Chairman of NAD Electronics. "We wanted a design that will still look fresh and new a decade from now, a design with classic proportions and understated details."

With 2mm thick steel panels, combined with extruded aluminum and die cast zinc parts, the chassis forms an incredibly solid foundation to reduce air and structure born vibration from reaching any sensitive electronic components residing within. Specialized vibration damping feet employ silicon rubber to further isolate the chassis from vibration. This high standard of mechanical construction assures a lifetime of trouble free use and maintenance.

Glass epoxy circuit boards with thick OFC copper traces and extensive ground planes assure uniformly low impedance operating conditions for all circuits. Very high current circuits make liberal use of copper buss bars to assure maximum performance. Selected discreet devices from the world's top electronic component manufacturers are used in the high power stages while SMD (surface mount devices) and LSI's (large scale integrated circuits) are used on multi -layer PCBs to achieve state -of -the -art performance in low level and digital stages.

NAD components have always had superb technical specifications, yet they have clearly outdone themselves with these new Masters Series components. Setting new standards for low noise and low distortion, these components utilize new techniques and the latest precision parts to achieve these lofty performance goals.

It's time to get back in touch with the most elusive part of music -the emotional part. Experience sound quality that is more spirited and inspired. It's an experience that equals or exceeds all performance benchmarks -regardless of price.

All the Masters Series components can be seen in NAD's hospitality suite at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2006. All Masters Series Components are currently shipping and are selling for the following US MSRPs:

M15 Surround Preamplifier Processor $2999
M25 Seven -Channel Amplifier $2999
M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier $2799
M55 Universal DVD/CD Player $1799

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