NAD Develops New Benchmark Seven -Channel Amplifier with New Masters Series

A distinctive new industrial design, sophisticated circuitry and detailed engineering distinguishes the M25 sonically and visually

CES 2006, Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 5, 2006 -NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio components, introduces the M25 Seven -Channel Amplifier, one of the first four new components in the new Masters Series during the CES 2006 in Las Vegas.

The M25 is THX Ultra II Certified delivering 160 watts (x7) of continuous Full Disclosure Power with all seven channels driven simultaneously (20Hz - 20kHz), at less than 0.03% THD into 8 or 4 Ohms. It also carries a Dynamic power rating of 220 watts at 8 Ohms, 385 watts at 4 Ohms, and 485 watts at 2 Ohms and IHH Dynamic Headroom is +3.9dB.

"One look inside at the construction quality of the M25, and one listening session, whether in two -channel for music or multi -channel home theater," says Bob Brown, Chairman of NAD Electronics, "will convince you that the M25 is a spectacular design, destined to become a legendary amplifier."

NAD's proprietary PowerDrive™ allows the M25 to sound far more powerful than its already impressive 160 -watt per channel rating would suggest. Totally effortless sound, even at elevated levels, is the hallmark of the PowerDrive amplifier. PowerDrive circuit automatically senses a loudspeaker's impedance characteristics and adjusts its power supply settings for that specific load. This ensures remarkably dynamic and distortion -free performance, even from demanding 4 -ohm designs. The result is an amplifier with high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability.

The M25 is comprised of seven individual 'Monoblock' amplifier channels. Each channel uses a balanced junction FET input stage resulting in exceptionally low levels of noise and distortion. A unique electronic ground isolation circuit is employed to prevent ground loop noise in the system - a common problem in complex multi -channel systems. This circuit offers high input impedance for negligible loading on source components, which results in less noise and distortion. Each channel has individual over current, DC, infrasonic and ultrasonic overload sensing and protection for complete reliability under the most severe operating conditions.

The M25 utilizes NAD's proven Holmgren design, in a massive 1,800VA custom -wound transformer, to create a power supply that offers well -regulated voltage, and enormous amounts of current. The Holmgren transformer design utilizes proprietary low leakage field technology resulting in low electrical noise (stray field) and physical noise (buzz). Multiple 100,000 uF, 100V low ESR capacitors ensure a clean DC voltage supply for very low noise and truly explosive dynamics. Ultra low impedance copper buss bars are used exclusively throughout for power delivery and grounding.

Custom designed heat sinks and thermostatically regulated variable speed fans keep things cool under the most severe operating conditions. A unique fan circuit that tracks signal level actually shuts down the fans during quiet passages to prevent any mechanical noise from interfering with the program material.

"Build -Artistry™" and Master -Class Engineering
While others offer build quality The Masters Series delivers "Build Artistry™". The M25 and all the other Masters Series Components are a result of many years of research by NAD's product development team. The new Masters Series is the perfect balance of performance, value, style, flexibility, and ease -of -use, defining them as the best products in the company's 33 -year history and industry setting benchmarks.

From the smooth and precise action of the front panel controls to the elegantly proportioned remote handsets, every element of the design has been carefully considered for ease of use and clear logical operation. The new industrial design is solid and substantial, yet fresh and exciting. The look of the M25 visually reveals the dynamic performance capabilities contained within its sturdy forms.

By combining a variety of materials and subtle textures, the new industrial design is solid and substantial, yet fresh and exciting. The look of the M25 visually reveals the dynamic performance capabilities contained within its sturdy forms.

With 2mm thick steel panels, combined with extruded aluminum and die cast zinc parts, the chassis forms an incredibly solid foundation to reduce air and structure born vibration from reaching any sensitive electronic components residing within. Specialized vibration damping feet employ silicon rubber to further isolate the chassis from vibration. This high standard of mechanical construction assures a lifetime of trouble free use and maintenance.

Putting It All Together
Just one look at the M25 and you know it is a serious audiophile product. While it meets the sonic standards of even the most critical listener it must still have the flexibility and features to meet the demands of today's complex custom installations.

Precision low noise Input Level Controls for each channel promotes accurate system configuration. These buffered low impedance level controls allow system fine -tuning without the distortion typical of most level control circuits.

Custom designed gold plated speaker binding posts offer multiple connector options, while maintaining a large, corrosion free, low impedance contact area. Input jacks are also custom designed for maximum performance.

Ruggedness and in -system reliability are critical to successful custom -installed systems so the M25 utilizes a combination of fuse and electronic non -intrusive protection, which is dependable, fail -safe, and sonically transparent.

It's time to get back in touch with the most elusive part of music -the emotional part. Experience sound quality that is more spirited and inspired. The highly developed, yet elegantly simple circuitry of the M25 is matched with a brute force power supply to create a truly powerful multi -channel amplifier. All that power is perfectly balanced by a liquid and transparent sonic signature. The M25 simply adds another dimension to surround sound that must be heard to be believed.

The M25 Seven -Channel Amplifier is currently shipping with a US MSRP of $2,999. It can be seen with the rest of the Master Series components in NAD's hospitality suite at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2006.

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