Innovation and Diverse Product Offerings Lead Market in Performance, Design and Wide-Form Factor

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2006 - ViewSonic® Corp. today demonstrated how it is bringing the same display innovation that more than 25 million professionals have come to depend upon at work to a broad line of offerings for the home. In conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas this week, the company is showcasing leading -edge technology in more than a dozen new displays, ranging from a fully featured line of LCD TVs and a palm -sized projector to the world's fastest LCD display. The additions further broaden the company's entertainment display options for consumer applications, including digital television, movies, gaming and digital photography.

Central to its strategy, ViewSonic is capitalizing on growing demands for speed, portability, inventive design and widescreen viewing. The company continued its reputation for market "firsts" by demonstrating a benchmark 1 millisecond video response time LCD technology. Available later this year, the technology features the latest ViewSonic OverDrive chip, which is ideal for handling complex PC gaming and motion video applications with an ultra -fast response time that eliminates ghosting artifacts and latency. For consumers who want a light -weight companion for home theatre applications, ViewSonic is showcasing its smallest and lightest projector technology, a 1.1 -pound DLP® ultra -portable capable of running on a battery pack for optimum viewing of both video and data.

For those who want the latest stylish design, the company is unveiling its proprietary, modern flat -panel cabinet designs, certain to become the focal point in any home or work environment. The new design offers a sleek, clean look that is as visually stunning when turned off as its screen performance is when turned on. While ViewSonic is changing the look of its LCD portfolio, it's also giving consumers and professionals more to look at with nine widescreen products that enhance display options for popular entertainment.

"Sales of wide -format, 16:9 monitors are expected to grow significantly in the coming year with an increasing number of models available in this category," said Rhoda Alexander, director, monitor research, iSuppli Corporation. "Retailers have expressed strong interest in wide -format offerings, particularly for consumer markets where they anticipate growing demand tied to gaming and video applications. Demand for large, widescreen monitors is growing in business markets as well, where the format is ideally suited to side -by -side viewing, multi -tasking and graphics applications."

"Being a PC desktop display leader for close to a decade has made the ViewSonic brand synonymous with performance and professionalism," said Matt Milne, president of ViewSonic Americas. "This heritage will help fuel ViewSonic's progression into a top choice of consumers, as they seek the same rich visual experiences for their home entertainment."

ViewSonic's consumer transition is already well underway in North America. The company is experiencing significant year over year growth in North America, nearly double the rate of the LCD TV market as a whole. Its latest announcements will continue this growth by adding more choices in its award -winning line of visual display products, including:

- NextVision® 60 Series LCD TVs - Priced up to hundreds less than premium competitive brands, the widescreen 40 -inch N4060w, the 37 -inch N3760w and the 32 -inch N3260w all feature advanced video and audio processing technology to take high -definition digital content viewing to the next level.

- Desktop LCD displays - To give users bigger views for their bucks, the VA1912wb, VA2012wb, VX2025w and VP2330wb combine fast response times, high resolutions and sleek designs in a widescreen format.

- DLP Projectors - In addition to the 1.1 -pound projector -one of the lightest on the market -the company is offering DLP technology options with its home theater 16:9 Cine1000; 4.9 -pound PJ458D; and 7.9 -pound PJ766D that all provide optimum viewing for video, games and data.

- LCD Projectors - To meet the varying demands of the boardroom, living room and beyond, ViewSonic launched the 4.8 -pound PJ452 and 6.2 -pound PJ656, which deliver bright crisp images through LCD projection technology.

At CES, ViewSonic also is sponsoring TigerDirect's 9th Annual "Build Your Own PC Race for Charity" event that will be held Jan. 5 from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. ViewSonic has provided 32 of its 3 ms VX924 Xtreme LCDs that will be used in the competition and then donated to the winner's educational charity of choice.

For more ViewSonic product information or to locate an authorized ViewSonic dealer, visit or call 800.888 -8583.

About ViewSonic

ViewSonic® Corp., a worldwide leader in visual display products, offers comprehensive display solutions for today's business, education and consumer electronics markets. The company's products have won more than 2,000 awards globally from independent publications and organizations.

Headquartered in Walnut, Calif., ViewSonic was founded in 1987 and is a privately held corporation. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corp. at tel: 800.888.8583 or 909.869.7976; fax: 909.468.736; or

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