Innovations in Home Automation with the Cielo™ Home Automation System

Cielo™ is making automation a true plug-n-play experience by reducing the complexity of installation and providing auto-discovery of devices and services on the network



(CasaWorks, Albuquerque, New Mexico) - CasaWorks, Inc., an innovator of home automation technology, will be demonstrating new features of their latest Cielo™ software and the Cielo™ Home Management System at the 2006 International CES, Las Vegas Convention Center, January 5 -8, 2006. View our demonstrations at the TechHome Zone, Booth 26624, in the South Hall 2.
"We are taking home automation to the next level by incorporating popular consumer devices, like cell phones and personal data assistants by fully integrating them to provide a complete solution. Features include allowing the homeowner to use these devices as a remote control in our home management system. Better yet, we are making the data on them easily available and synchronized with other computers on the home network," says Michael Arendall, President and CEO of CasaWorks. What makes all this possible is the latest version of CasaWorks' unique and innovative software technology called Cielo™. The Cielo™ software has new features that allow even more devices to be integrated into one cohesive solution. Cielo is making automation a true plug -n -play experience by reducing the complexity of installation and providing auto -discovery of devices and services on the network while eliminating the issues found in most proprietary systems.
Imagine your camera phone automatically downloading all of those holiday pictures you snapped to your media PC and displaying them on your television for a slide show without hooking up cables and trying to get your syncing software to work! If your phone supports Bluetooth™ then you can download your pictures effortlessly to your PC or Media PC, while automatically synchronizing a directory on your PC with what's stored on your phone.
How about using your cell phone as a remote control with our Cielo™ interface for selecting music, playing recorded video or watching TV? Cielo™ makes it possible with its revolutionary new user interface technology that supports fully customizable user interfaces for the system which include a new rendering engine that can produce striking screens rendered with 3D images like raindrops falling on the touch screen or waves emanating from the button you push. Let's just say you will have to see it to believe it.
For 2006, CasaWorks continues to support more consumer electronics components and has rounded out it's product with the addition of integrated touch screens and LCD key pads. Now packages are offered at various levels of price and control. We offer an affordable starting point for a homeowner to experience the benefits of home automation. For the serious enthusiast, the 'sky is the limit'.
By third quarter we will offer a home technology web portal that will enable the homeowner to securely access their data and entertainment remotely. So no matter where you travel you can have some of the amenities you have at home.

What makes the Cielo™ Home Management System different from other custom control systems is that it offers out -of -the -box behaviors and user interfaces that can be easily customized by a Cielo™ Certified Dealer. The cost of the complete system can be significantly less than alternative solutions. Cielo™ gives the homeowner more choices and allows the flexibility to upgrade to components with new features at any time. Look for a growing number of consumer electronics components and devices to be supported by Cielo™ in 2006.

About CasaWorks, Inc.
As of January 2006 this will be our 5th year of business with many customers who await the next intriguing features that CasaWorks, Inc. will provide. CasaWorks is an embedded hardware and software innovator and is developing technologies that will take home automation to a new level. Using state -of -the -art software technology and tools, the company is creating innovative products that are easy to install and easy to use. For more information, see the CasaWorks Web site at

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