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Ridgefield, NJ - At CES 2006, projectiondesign, the leading manufacturer of advanced professional and consumer projectors for business, eCinema and home cinema, today announced the introduction of their new Action! model three 1080 with Crystalio®II, the world's most technologically advanced video processor. The Action! model three 1080 is the first true HD single chip DLPTM front projector, using the new 0.95" 1080p DC3TM DMDTM technology from Texas Instruments® shows true, native, uncompressed, 1920 x 1080p resolution HDTV like no other projector.

The Action! model three 1080 delivers full -resolution, lifelike images with an enhanced level of cinematic realism and depth over any DLPTM projector available. The Action! model three 1080 incorporates projectiondesign's patented DuArchTM illumination architecture featuring dual lamps, dual 7 segment color wheels and light formatters. The use of Texas Instruments® new BrilliantColorTM SLR technology is a way of increasing secondary color's influence and as a result improving color saturation. The Action! model three 1080 is built to operate in continuously run applications, such as control rooms and public displays - and of course, home cinema and offers a remarkable 24/7 warranty.

By adding the new, Crystalio®II, advanced video processor using Gennum's (VXP) Visual Excellence ProcessingTM technology, the Action! model three 1080 produces an outstanding image. The results demonstrate revolutionary improvements over today's standards by integrating fourth generation broadcast quality algorithms and delivering superior SD and HD video image quality. The Crystalio®II includes custom software and control interfaces for uncompromised performance. The addition of our new RealColor, color management system ensures perfect color and grey scale reproduction, permitting the installer to accurately and easily adjust the projector to individual sources and environment.

The Action! model three 1080 provides infinite adjustable output brightness, each lamp's power is individually adjustable giving exceptional control of on -screen brightness from 500 to 2500 ANSI Lumens, enough for even the largest screens. Unlike, any other projector in the market, the Action! Model three 1080's options provide the ultimate set of tools for adjusting the image to specific applications. The unique optical design incorporated in this projector with its extreme level of horizontal and vertical lens shifting and a wide range of bayonet mount lenses provides the ultimate installation flexibility in its class.

The Action! model three 1080 is compatible with leading control systems from AMX and Crestron and remotely controlled over Ethernet, RS -232 or by the supplied remote control.

Action! model three 1080 demonstrations at CES at the LVCC, South Hall 1, Pixel Magic Booth # 20336 -D and at Sands Convention Center, Gennum Corporation, Booth #70662
CES attendees will have a unique opportunity to see this remarkable new projector in action. Action! model three 1080 projector will be on demonstration at two CES locations - Pixel Magic Systems at the LVCC - South Hall 1, Booth # 20336 -D, and Gennum Corporation, Booth #70662 at the Sands Convention Center.
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Projectiondesign, established in 2001 and headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway is a worldwide leader in advanced, high -performance DLPTM based projection solutions for challenging applications in professional, business, home cinema and eCinema markets. projectiondesign's award -winning, innovative technology is distinguished by numerous industry milestones including the introduction of the world's first single -chip SXGA DLPTM projector in 2002, the world's first single -chip SXGA+DLPTM in 2004 and the world's brightest single -chip SXGA+DLPTM in 2004.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Gary Plavin at projectondesign, 1121 Edgewater Ave., Unit #4, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 (Tel: 201 -943 -1616) or by visiting International press contact: Anders Lokke at
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