FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer - A New MP3 Player/Flash Drive

A new breed of MP3 players - FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer. The SharePlayer has the ability to copy MP3 files, data files and folders from one MP3 Player to another, simply by plugging the male USB connector into the female USB on the SharePlayer.

Today, every person that uses an MP3 Player knows how to download new MP3 files to enjoy the latest songs. A PC is required to download the songs form a web site through the Internet.

With the FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer by Xmultiple, the user connects their device directly to another users, MP3 Player without the need for a PC. The FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer has components no other MP3 possesses. Integrated in our device is a chip that contains our Sharing -On -The -Go (SOTG) firmware to provide the MP3 to MP3 upload and download capability. Also integrated into our device is a female USB connector, which connects to the male USB connector of another MP3 Player. In most cases, the MP3 Players manufactured without a built -in male USB provide a cable to make this connection.

Connecting and transmitting files and folders form one MP3 Player to a FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer is as simple as attaching the devices and pressing a button. Now, as never before, a user can upload and download songs straight form the MP3 Player to another MP3 Player without a computer or electrical outlet.

The mechanical design of the FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayers includes elements found on no other MP3 Player as well. The FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer is a lightweight; elegantly design enclosure with a reflective piano finish available in white, black and grey. This first of its kind MP3 SharePlayer is a thumb sized MP3 Player with 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB storage capacity. But what also sets the FlashPoint MP3 Player apart from any other MP3 Player is its ability to download photographs from a digital camera or download pictures/data from a USB enabled cell phone. This device is a communication tool to copy while the user is remote from their office or home.

Key Features of the FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer

· Sharing -On -The -Go (SOTG) technology patent pending
· No more PC required to get songs form anywhere - at anytime - MP3 Player to MP3 Player direct connections while your are mobile
· Download photo's from digital camera's and cell phone's enabled with USB connectors
· Copy away from computers with a push of a button
· Combo MP3 Player, MP3 SharePlayer and Flash Drive device
· Small thumb -size
· Weighs only 75g.
· Works as a plug -and -play removable portable mass storage class drive that stores all sorts of data files
· Easy drag -and -drop of files between PC and player.
· No software installation required, except for Windows 98SE. Drivers are included.
· Self -Powered. Re -Charges off a standard USB port.
· Many user selectable colors.

About Xmultiple

Xmultiple, Inc. is a manufacture of interconnection solutions. Our products include integration of connectors with components and LED's. Xmultiple was established in 1998, and its worldwide headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at www.xmultiple.com.

'Xmultiple' is a registered trademark of Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.
"ShareDrives" is a registered trademark of Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.
"FlashPoint ShareDrives" is a registered trademark of Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.

For More Information Contact:
Mike Basowski
805 -579 -1100

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