First all -in -one TV portal software for consumers and content providers

The only consumer-riented client-server platform to date built with more powerful media center features with a twist of broadcast capability to enable viewing of contents via the Internet.

January, 3, 2006, Sunnyvale, CA - A5TEK announces the release of the world's first web -based client -server TV portal solution with capabilities for DTV and IP broadcasting known as ieHIP Media Platform. The software is built with a highly integrated proprietary media management, and content delivery infrastructure targeted for the consumer, content provider, telecom and OEM markets.

ieHIP Media Platform is also built with its very own media caller interface or Uniplayer to playback digital contents in various formats without switching players. The 1 -2 -3 navigation system is another proprietary innovation from a patent -pending technology known as Code -based Navigation System which is anticipated to "change the way users navigate their PC -enabled TVs" says Ted Lee chief software architect and president of A5TEK Corp, a silicon -based technology company.

"This numeric navigation system brings the traditional TV experience using number -based commands not only to switch channels but to make those PC functions available on their TV screens through a unique and friendly numeric UI menu that can be navigated by a remote control from ten or fifteen feet away. We are optimistic that through this technology we will be able to complete the marriage between the PC and the TV making a richer and highly convergent TV -like experience for the consumers. "adds Lee.

In the face of a growing media explosion, another powerful and proprietary design of the software is its XML -SQL content management and search backbone which allows for a structured and highly customized media organization and is useful for both users and content providers.

Unlike file managers that are common in most media player applications, the Platform's content manager provides easy digital management by giving users or content providers the free hand to organize their media by creating their own attributes instead of just merely file names. This allows users to organize and remember their contents easily. ieHIP Media Platform's content manager also enables users to build their own digital jukebox, karaoke or ready -to -play media libraries.

Another innovation integrated in the software is the search and broadcast capability which breaks from the usual home -based media experience. The Platform can net cast a consumer's home -made videos, audio files as well as photos making their contents available and viewable to friends and family members easily anywhere.

The Platform also enables users' contents easily searchable by those authorized to access them remotely via the Internet. And with the combined search and IP casting capabilities of ieHIP Media Platform, "anyone can become like a portal just like Yahoo! or Google on TV." says Lee.

ieHIP Media Platform is the only consumer -oriented client -server computing system available to date which A5TEK believes will bring the true "anytime, anywhere and on any device concept" envisioned by industry leaders. And with a simplified user interface, a new digital media experience and a new digital lifestyle is introduced to the digital consumer markets.

Digital media consumers are not the only ones who benefit from the technology. According to Lee, "We open a multitude of possible industry and market applications by opening up the digital consumer's media center, media gateway, digital video recorder, set -top box, personal computer, and/or mobile device to the infinite flood of high -quality multimedia from the IP pipeline. Content providers can also take advantage of the technology to increase profitability and create new markets, plus the potential of increasing revenues in other areas like niche advertising."

On January 5 -8 during the CES 2006 in Las Vegas, A5TEK will showcase ieHIP Media Platform's robust architecture at the Innovations Plus in Sands at Booth IP247.

ieHIP Features:

1 -2 -3 Express Navigation System - Navigate through the ieHIP portal using a TV remote or standard or wireless PC keyboard

Content Manager - Manage, organize, access, store, and share media content easier.

Uniplayer - Play most audio and video formats without switching players

Media Server - Share media content across the home

Broadcast - Broadcast photos, videos, and music to friends real -time anytime and anywhere

Home Digital Entertainment Center - ieHIP Media Platform performs TV, DVD, DVR Movies, Music, and Photos.

The ieHIP product suite offers options to match user preferences: ieHIP Standard, ieHIP Pro, ieHIP Broadcast, ieHIP TrustSign, and ieHIP Studio. The ieHIP Media Platform is the full -suite TV portal software and web -based client/server application that combines all the features of these packages. The 30 -day trial version of the full -suite ieHIP Media Platform is now available for download at or at

About A5TEK Corp
A5TEK Corp is an industry leader in PC -TV computing technology dedicated to creating products that enhance the interactive experience on consumer TV -computing platforms. Its technology engines have broad market application and can be incorporated into a wide variety of computing platforms, including consumer digital -media PCs, enterprise PCs, professional workstations, digital content creation systems, notebook PCs, mobile and pocket PCs, and video games consoles. A5TEK is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Certain statements in this press release, including the statements relating to the Company's performance expectations for A5TEK's family of products and expectations of continued revenue growth, are forward -looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different than expectations. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, software coding and other delays relating to new products, difficulties in the development process and dependence of the Company on third -party suppliers, general industry trends including cyclical trends in the PC and semiconductor industries, the impact of competitive products and pricing alternatives, market acceptance of the Company's new products, and the Company's dependence on third -party developers and publishers.

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