iMuse Audio/Video Media Servers Aggregate Family's Digital Content

iMuse Electronics has introduced a trio of audio/video media servers that will redefine the category. Offering true, capable, expandable, scalable, affordable products for the custom market, iMuse expects to set a new standard.

For the past two years, self -described audio -video techie Bill Duncan, has been working on the next generation media server. He envisioned a single device that would collect, store and distribute audio and video to an entire household and at a price that would allow more families to acquire the technology for home use.

The result is the iMuse Media Server Series that spans three units, working together to empower its owner to aggregate an entire collection of movies, music CDs and a host of digital audio files, then play them at will in any number of rooms simultaneously.

Base price of under $3,000 breaks the price barrier

With a suggested MSRP of under $2,995; the set -top iMuse SIERRA could easily be -come a common addition to the growing number of media rooms and wide -screen theaters appearing in homes. The iMuse SUMMIT (Est. MSRP $3,895) adds audio and video distribution up to 16 zones, additional storage, a DVD -R drive and a bevy of other features. For mass storage, the iMuse AVALANCHE (Est. MSRP $2,195) completes the team with the capability to add up to 14 terabytes.

iMuse founder and CEO, Bill Duncan, said the dream of providing true digital content convergence for the home was the development team½s ultimate goal. "There is a handful of quasi media servers on the market that do some of what each of our three units can do, but none can match the number of features the iMuse Media Server Series offers and certainly none comes close to the low cost -per -feature," Duncan promised.

The iMuse Media Server Series sets a higher standard

Meanwhile, other manufacturers have developed similar data servers that merely store audio, video, photo or data files in a central location for on -demand access at a later time. But, the iMuse team realized that a true media server must not only store the data for access on demand but also offer it to different eyes and ears at the same time around the entire house.

Duncan said the results of several focus groups comprised of top -rated custom installers and integrators helped clarify the most important features to the growing custom home theater market.

"Earlier this year we invited a number of the nation½s leading custom designers and in -stallers to see a demo of our concept products," said Duncan. "From the thousands of pages of transcripts and in -depth analysis of that data we created a road map for the final development of the product line." The iMuse team has high confidence that they have been responsive to the most important demands of the focus groups.

Added features add value to the iMuse product line

The iMuse development team began more than two years ago working on an audio -only server, so it is no surprise that they made sure the iMuse Media Server Series could serve up lots of online radio and music. There is even support for collecting Podcasts. The iMuse SIERRA and iMuse SUMMIT quietly search the Internet during broadband downtimes, collecting and cataloging thousands of Internet feeds for easy, on -demand access.

Other cutting -edge iMuse Media Server Series functions include offline DVD content. Both the iMuse SIERRA and iMuse SUMMIT is capable of generating lists of DVDs with matching metadata fields that are not currently stored on the device. Inline Storage Expansion (hot swappable) offers additional storage capacity that can be added to the iMuse AVALANCHE with little downtime and without the need to backup existing disk storage.

Another competitive plus is that every entry -level iMuse SIERRA comes standard with a DVD -R drive. And, every unit in the iMuse line will provide industry -leading connec -tivity options as all units include a digital video interface (DVI) connection for the best quality picture possible, as well as digital coax and optical audio outputs in addition to analog connections.

The iMuse Media Server Series will be introduced officially at the annual convention of the Custom Electronics Dealers and Installers Association (CEDIA) on September 8, 2005 in Indianapolis and the product line will be available through a Authorized Dealer network in the U.S. at first, then in other parts of the world by early 2006.

iMuse Electronics, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of high -performance audio -video media servers. The company is based in Colorado Springs, CO and can be reached at (800) 709 -5459, via email at or on the Internet at


Disclaimers: iMuse Media Server Series½, iMuse SIERRA, iMuse SUMMIT, iMuse AVA -LANCHE, the unique iMuse logotype and swirl icon are registered trademarks of iMuse Electronics, Inc. ½Redefining the Audio/Video Media Server World, is a registered salesmark of iMuse Electronics, Inc. Pricing is based on information available as of this publication date and is subject to change without notice. The iMuse Media Server Series is sold only by Authorized Dealers in the United States. For information about becoming a authorized reseller, contact the manufacturer.

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