The world's finest full -range reference loudspeaker…in a revolutionary 2 -way design

Escalante Design Introduces The Fremont ™ The world's finest full-range reference loudspeaker…in a revolutionary 2-way design

Escalante Design Introduces

The Fremont ™

The world's finest full -range reference loudspeaker…in a revolutionary 2 -way design

At the 2006 International CES we will unveil The Fremont™ to the world. The Fremont™ is a 2 -way, Direct Coupled, full -range design with a 12 inch woofer complement. At first glance, the obvious question may be where is the midrange going to come from?

Utilizing his patented Direct Coupling technology, designer Tierry Budge (formerly of Talon Audio and Wilson Audio) has engineered a revolutionary two -way design that actually functions as a four -way!

Although only one 12 inch driver is visible, there are actually two 12 inch drivers acting in tandem with a specially modified dust cap to cover all the bass and midrange frequencies. The dual woofers are configured to maximize all aspects of performance: frequency response extends to 18 Hz; transient response, rise time, and the ability to respond quickly to dynamic musical material are so fast that they place The Fremont™ squarely in the realm of the most exotic electrostatic and ribbon designs.

The high frequencies are beautifully reproduced by a modified Scanspeak Revelator R2904 tweeter, extending effortlessly to 50 kHz. In addition, high efficiency (93dB), extremely high power handling (1,000 watts long term), and easy amplifier load characteristics ensure that The Fremont™ can be used with everything from low wattage SET's to super -powered mono -block behemoths.

However, the most impressive quality of The Fremont™ is the manner in which it can reproduce the dynamic linearity of the original music and the full dynamic range of live music at all frequencies and volume levels. Dynamic linearity can mean the difference between a system that looks good on paper and one that actually sounds like music...a system that won't let you down when you turn the volume up.

The Fremont™, like all Escalante Design loudspeakers, also has the uncanny ability to reveal the textures and true harmonic timbres that are the very heart of each piece of music. The nuances that make music sound real are not lost in the translation from the electronics to the listener's ears. All this, without harshness or fatigue, makes The Fremont™ the ultimate reference for home stereo, recording studios, and hi -fi home theater.

We invite you to bring your music to Suite 1801 at T.H.E. Show (St. Tropez) to experience The Fremont™ for yourself.

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