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CES NEWS Taking High End Home Entertainment to the next level December 2005

CES NEWS Taking High End Home Entertainment

to the next level December 2005
Studio Home

This years CES show will be the greatest
opportunity for trade and public to sample the
dynamics and accuracy of PMC.s ATL.
loudspeakers, with two locations in Vegas -

5 . 8th Jan 2006 Rooms 1808 & 1810

T.H.E SHOW @ St Tropez
Rooms 1808 & 1810

North Hall
Room N242


We wil be running demonstrations of the radical
new wafer. series of on -wal monitors in both
stereo and surround .
It is a chance to sample the rather clever TT
Technology. which alows for a perfect
response even in less than an ideal location and
StealthBaffle. that eliminates the effects of front
baffle colouration. The combination of these
innovations and the ATL. technology creates a
very potent package that needs to be heard to
Finally a stylish on -wall that actually performs!

In the adjacent demo room, we'll feature the rest
of the award winning range of compacts,
floorstanders and larger standmount models al
idealy suited to stereo or surround applications. wafer.
Kraftwerk get the Maximum from PMC

This is the first GRAMMY® nomination for
Kraftwerk, one of the most influential bands in
music history. In a career spanning more than
35 years, the German electro pioneers have
been endlessly saluted and mimicked by each
new generation of innovators. Kraftwerk
recently released a double DVD set from their
ground -breaking 2005 world tour. A special
edition 'Notebook' Box Set featuring the
double DVD and double CD of the 'Minimum -
Maximum' live set will be released on
December 27. The music created at their Kling
Klang studios is monitored on the IB2 3 -Way
monitor and the all important mastering stage
is covered by the professional reference . the
BB5 -XBD Active at Metropolis in London.
PMC provides DTS® with the
ultimate home theater
system for the launch of
HD master audio.

The flagship BB5 -XBD and MB2 in a 7.1 will used
to their full effect to launch HD master audio.
from DTS® at this years CES. Public
demonstration of this latest cutting edge format
required the ultimate in high resolution; low
distortion monitoring that would not detract in
any way from its supreme resolution and
stunning dynamic presentation. Therefore
PMC.s ATL. designs were the ultimate choice.
Hear it as it was intended not a poor

James Newton Howard.s latest score - King Kong was
created using the BB5 -XBD Active system. This major
blockbuster follows a prolific career of a multitude of
high quality compositions of all genres, earning him
numerous award nominations for his work which include:
The Sixth Sense, Primal Fear, My Best Friends Wedding,
One Fine day, Space Jam, Dante.s Peak and Dinosaur.
As always the quality is outstanding, creating a dramatic
tension and awe inspiring scale which only adds to the
enormity of the spectacle.
Appearing at a cinema near you!
Lucky 7 for Jim
Jim Anderson, the New York based recording
engineer and producer and has been a happy
customer of PMC.s TB2S -A for some months.
Specializing in jazz and acoustic music, he has
worked with eminent names as Patricia Barber,
Terence Blanchard, Ron Carter, Joe Henderson,
J.J. Johnson, Branford Marsalis, Christian McBride,
McCoy Tyner, John Zorn and believe it or not, the
Muppets. Four of his previous recordings have
received Grammy® awards and eighteen have
received nominations. His 7th Grammy® has been
awarded for Bebo de Cuba by Bebo Valdes; a
supreme quality recording of the internationally
respected Cuban pianist.

Jim Anderson at the AES Convention, Barcelona .05
US Press is ramping up the exposure of the PMC range. Here are just
a few that are appearing currently or are about to hit the news
GB -1 (online now)
GB -1 Sensible Sound (spring issue)
DB -1+/TLE -1 Audiophile Voice (CES Show issue)
OB -1/CB -6/TLE -1/GB -1 Home Theater (March .06 issue)
IB -2 (online January .06)
AML -1 (on line now)

You wil see we are converting the reviewers into believers!

Reviews and coverage of the wafer. series coming soon.

We look forward to seeing you at:
T.H.E SHOW Rooms 1808 & 1810
Contacts for the CES show:
Richard Colburn Mobile: 949 -466 -9969
Maurice Patist Mobile: 949 -922 -9603
17932 Sky Park Circle Dr., Suite A
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 949 -861 -3350 Fax: 949 -861 -3352
Web: www.pmc

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