OmniMount® Ships All Models of New Wishbone Flat Panel Cantilever Series

An "All-in-One" Solution, the Four-Model Wishbone Series Features Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Construction, Three Color Options, Double-Capacity Cable Management System, and Simplified Yet Versatile Mounting Options

Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 27, 2005 - OmniMount Systems is proud to announce that its new Wishbone Series flat panel cantilever wall mounts are now shipping. Visually appealing with state -of -the -art design and construction make these mounts a must for both the basic family room as well as the ultimate home theater set -up. They will heighten the wow factor of any television room as much as the new LCD or Plasma screen it is holding. The Wishbone Series is available in four sizes (CL -S, CL -M, CL -L, and CL -X), ranging in price from $179.95 to $679.95, depending on mount size and finish.

Designed with the consumer and installer in mind, OmniMount's new Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large flat panel cantilever mounts are as practical as wall mounts come, yet highly versatile and easy to install. A unique and modern design coupled with a two -tone metallic grey finish allows for the cantilever's seamless integration into any décor. Add to that the inclusion of all necessary mounting hardware as well as OmniMount's patented installer template makes the Wishbone Series immensely installer friendly, as well.

Unlike traditional basic wall brackets, OmniMount's Wishbone Series cantilevers allow the flat panel television to be extended away from the wall for multiple viewing options and each cantilever also includes tilt, swivel and pan adjustment to add even greater viewing flexibility. Rugged die cast aluminum construction and included wall stud mounting hardware secures not only the flat panel television, but peace of mind, as well. Depending on the model cantilever, each Wishbone Series model utilizes a single arm configuration with either single - or dual -stud mounting brackets and the CLX offers a dual -arm configuration with a dual -stud mounting bracket for added strength and reliability.

"Style, ease -of -use, and simplistic self -installation techniques have become just as important as the practicality of today's audio and video mounting accessories," explained Scott Ashbaugh, OmniMount director of marketing services. "OmniMount has designed the aesthetically pleasing Wishbone Series to be uniquely installer and user friendly while at the same time providing a highly versatile mounting hardware option that can be used for a number of flat panel applications. The four model series can hold flat panel units with screens as small as 13 inches to units with screen sizes as large as 63 inches, and hold a flat panel unit's dead weight of 40lbs all the way up to 200lbs. To coincide with the Wishbone Series' outwardly desirable appearance, a double -capacity cable management system also allows for twice as many unsightly wires to be neatly tucked away within the cantilever's housing and thus, out of sight."

For the do -it -yourself installer, the Wishbone Series carries a vast amount of unique, installer -friendly features that separates it from the competition. One such characteristic is the "Lift & Lock" screen mount option. For an even more simplified installation, the cantilever can first be braced on the wall and then the unit's mounting bracket can be removed simply by using an Allen wrench (included). The bracket is then connected to the back of the television, and now the bracketed television can be placed back onto the stud -mounted cantilever and locked back into place. This changes a potential three -person installation into a two -person operation.

OmniMount has already taken care of measuring and the placement of the mounting hardware. The Wishbone Series comes with OmniMount's patented install template. After finding the wall stud(s), the consumer/installer simply places the template on the wall, which precisely measures and marks where the appropriate wall mount screws should be placed and drilled into the studs. Then simply mount the Cantilever to the wall. It's that simple.

OmniMount is based in Phoenix, Ariz. For 30 years, OmniMount products have been recognized for groundbreaking design, the highest quality, and long term reliability. Today, OmniMount offers hundreds of mounting solutions to meet the needs of nearly any application. From mounting the smallest to the largest of speakers, to any size or shape of CRT or LCD television, and an elegant line of stylish and functional furniture, OmniMount offers a wide variety of products to maximize the Home Theater experience. Visit

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