New Standard Keyboards Announces Alpha -Numeric, Ergonomic Keyboard With Just 53 -Keys

The New Standard Keyboard (NSK), with just 53-keys, is an alpha-numeric and ergonomically-designed USB-compatible keyboard for Windows-based computers that is user-friendly - not only for hunt-and-peck typists - but for any user.


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New Standard Keyboards Announces Alpha -Numeric Keyboard that Combines Ergonomics with Quick Data Entry

Fully -Functional, Color -Coded, USB Keyboard has Just 53 -Keys

See New Standard Keyboards at CES - IP224, January 5 -8, 2006, Las Vegas, NV

SANTA MARIA, CA (December 27, 2006) - New Standard Keyboards (NSK) will introduce a new line of patented USB -interface computer keyboards at CES, which have just 53 -keys and offer several advances over standard keyboard designs for businesses, home users, gamers and assistive technology users.

The New Standard Keyboard departs from traditional 101 -key designs, but still retains the full functionality of a standard keyboard. The keyboard places all 53 keys within easy reach of the home position. The approach offers an alternative for media PCs, assistive living users and swift business data entry where the clutter of a typical QWERTY keyboard is not needed.

The NSK also takes up much less desk space, measuring just 12.5 -inches wide x 5 inches deep x 1 -inch thick.

Two models will be offered. The NSK535S has a silver casing with black keys and white letters. The NSK535R features "rainbow" keys, which have been color -coded to correspond to specific computer functions. The keyboard supports USB -equipped PC running any version of Windows. When used with MS Office applications, it also types additional characters directly from the keys. These include Euro and Yen symbols, superscript and subscript numerals, Spanish ordinals and several combining accents.

The keyboard is the invention of John Parkinson, an electrical engineer with a degree in psychology and background in industrial psychology and ergonomics. Parkinson set up training programs in a typewriter factory prior to developing the New Standard Keyboard. He holds patents for the product in the USA and UK, with others pending.

The NSK can be learned at a glance and differs from other attempts at alphabetical -based designs because it is also efficient for high speed typing.

Parkinson believes the New Standard Keyboard has several functional and ergonomic advantages over standard QWERTY keyboards, which will make it a desired accessory for new system buyers and those wishing to upgrade their keyboard. The advantages include:

• Keys are aligned with natural movements of fingers to insure proper posture when typing
• Alphabetical letters are easier to find and keys are color -coded on the NSK535R to aid hunt & peck typists
• All keys can be easily reached from the home position
• Shift keys are centralized and shift characters can be typed one -handed for assisted applications and handicapped
• Editing keys are integrated
• The keyboard has a smaller footprint, which allows the mouse to be placed right next to the typing keys
• There are only half as many keys to learn

NSK has also addressed the poor tactile feel common on many laptop and desktop keyboards. The keyboard uses a short -travel key (2mm) that has its snap point very early in the travel distance to produce a positive click action with minimal finger movement while still providing a soft feel. The approach is much more responsive for gaming applications, according to Parkinson.

The New Standard Keyboard will be sold to distributors and resellers and has a suggested retail price of $69.95. It will ship in February, 2006.

About New Standard Keyboards

New Standard Keyboards is headquartered in Santa Maria, California. For more information contact the company at 805 -925 -2998,,

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