Advanced Media Offers Ridata Unbalanced SD Memory Card

Flash Card Offers Cryptographic Secured Area for an Application Program and Free Storage Area for Many Uses Including: Electronic Navigational and Mapping Platforms

NOTE: See this product and the entire RIDATA lineup in South Hall 4 Booth 35320 at the 2006 International CES in Las Vegas from January 5 -8.

Diamond Bar, CA - -Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories, is adding an unbalanced Secure Digital memory card to its RIDATA line

"Our unbalanced Secure Digital memory card is further indication that Advanced Media is dedicated to providing its customers the latest advancements in electronic storage media," remarked Charlie Shiang, VP of Flash Products "This fast card enables users to store specific navigational or mapping information for use in a variety of mobile devices. It can also be used to hold trip details and highly detailed charts."

The applications are unlimited, any type of digital content provider with the consideration of protecting the intellectual content while in need to be able to sell or populate the whole content will definitely benefit from the Unbalanced SD card, more examples include educational markets, remote learning education, automobile and defense industry " added Shiang.

The uses for this product will be centered on two parts of SD memory formation: encrypted output control segment and accessible data segment. The data stored on the Encrypted output control segment is strictly prohibited for any kind of "check -in" (write data) or "check -out"(export data) activities with any other devices. Any form of the data movement is actually impossible.

However, data in this encrypted area can be accessed from the data segment. Numerous applications and industrial products can be derived from the structure of the unbalanced SD: GPS maker and mapping software will be immediately benefited by selling their map geographically while keep the main navigation program intact.

Other uses include publishing companies that can sell e -books with encrypted chapters. Industrial computer designers can use Unbalanced SD card as an embedded processing unit

"Ritek can also provide duplication services if the customer needs to make many copies of the Unbalanced SD card. Ritek is known for its cutting edge media duplication facilities and certainly has the knowledge to duplicate high quality flash media such as Unbalanced SD products," added Shiang.

The RIDATA Unbalanced SD memory card is available in capacities of 384MB(256MB free space and 128 secure storage), 768MB(512 free space and 128MB secure space), and 1.5GB(1024 free space with a 512 encrypted area).

About Advanced Media (RITEK USA)
Advanced Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world's largest optical media manufacturer. Advanced Media is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of the RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media as well as other types of electronic storage media.
The RIDATA brand currently includes: CD -R/RW, DVD -R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD -RAM optical discs; flash memory cards, adapters, and reader/writers; USB EZ drives; and assorted media accessories. Since its formation in 2001, Advanced Media has experienced phenomenal annual growth and is already a leading marketer of electronic storage products in the American market.

RITEK for years has been defining and redefining the optical storage market. Around the world, its name is synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled consistency. RITEK's commitment to quality control is proven by its QS 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and Six Sigma certifications.

Advanced Media is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California. For further information, call (909) 861 -2269 or e -mail: The Advanced Media web site is located at:

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