TalkSwitch brings the ideal telephone system for small businesses to the United Kingdom and Ireland

Affordable, feature-rich telephone systems from TalkSwitch promise to deliver the same benefits North American SMBs have enjoyed to the growing UK market

OTTAWA, Canada - December 14, 2005 - TalkSwitch, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems for small and multi -location businesses, today announced the official launch of its TalkSwitch product line for the UK and Irish markets.

TalkSwitch telephone systems are ideal for small businesses with up to 32 telephone users per location. Each system is a fully integrated PABX solution that includes Auto -Attendants, Voicemail and Caller Display, as standard; along with an extensive set of calling features specifically designed for small businesses, including Remote Extensions for connecting off -premise telephones and mobiles.

"Entering the European market is an exciting milestone for our company," said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. "Small businesses, whether they be in Europe or North America, need telephone systems that deliver the same high quality features as those provided to big business. TalkSwitch systems have provided that solution for North American companies, and today we are thrilled to offer that same level of service and value to the European small business community."

TalkSwitch systems are available in three easy -to -use configurations. The 24 -CA -UK is ideally suited for small and home offices, with capacity for 2 telephone lines, 4 local extensions and 8 remote extensions. The 48 -CA -UK offers 4 telephone lines, 8 extensions and 8 remote extensions.

For companies looking to take advantage of the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP), TalkSwitch offers the 48 -CVA -UK, which adds SIP -based VoIP networking supporting 4 trunks per system. Users are able to maintain existing connections to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), while at the same time taking advantage of the significant cost -savings available through select Internet Telephony service providers.

All TalkSwitch systems are upgradeable, and TalkSwitch 48 -CA -UK and 48 -CVA -UK systems can be networked over a LAN to increase system capacity, providing growth up to 16 telephone lines and 32 extensions.

TalkSwitch is being distributed in the UK and Ireland under an exclusive agreement with the Rocom Group. Customers can purchase systems directly from Rocom, while interested British and Irish resellers will contact Rocom to add the TalkSwitch product line to their business offerings.

"We're very pleased to partner with TalkSwitch to manage their distribution in the UK and Ireland," said Richard Carter, Business Development Director, Rocom Group. "The exceptional value proposition that TalkSwitch offers, and its Internet based marketing strategy, creates a prime opportunity to reach out directly to European small business customers. Businesses seeking an entry level solution that provides ease of installation and setup along with features normally only associated with large PABX systems will benefit greatly from these products. In addition to traditional reseller channels for value -added services, the TalkSwitch will also be available online for direct sales. This strategy has helped TalkSwitch enjoy tremendous success in North America and promises to be very popular in the UK and Ireland."

Pricing and Availability
TalkSwitch telephone systems are priced at £399.95 GBP for the 24 -CA -UK, £799.95 GBP for the 48 -CA -UK and £999.95 GBP for the VoIP -equipped 48 -CVA -UK. Systems can be purchased online at or by emailing

Product Photograph
High -resolution product photographs are available at:

About TalkSwitch
TalkSwitch® is dedicated to providing small and multi -location businesses with innovative telecommunications solutions. Since 1990, TalkSwitch has delivered rich features, high functionality and unbeatable value. Ideal for businesses with up to 32 telephone users per office, TalkSwitch systems provide users with options to connect to both the traditional telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. TalkSwitch is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information call (+1) 613 725 2980 or visit our website at

About Rocom
Rocom offers the UK's widest range of communications systems, converged solutions and peripherals from the world's leading suppliers. Rocom has an enviable national reputation for the quality of the integrated communications solutions it provides through a broad range of market channels. Its resources enable it to add genuine value that goes beyond product supply to create an unmatched customer experience. Just as Rocom differentiates itself by the quality of service it provides, its customers are also enabled to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Rocom is headquartered in West Yorkshire. For more information call 01937 847777 (within the UK) or visit

For more information, please contact:
Chris Brennan
Public Relations Manager,
+1 613 725 2980 x 136

Jill Chappell
Head of Marketing,
Rocom Group
(44) 1937 84 77 77

Maria Brown & David Thornburn
Product Specialists,
Rocom Group
(44) 1937 84 77 77

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