Outlaw Audio Resurrects the Stereo Receiver

The new Outlaw Audio Model RR 2150 'Retro Receiver' offers state-of-the-art two-channel analog music performance in a design, reminiscent of classic Art Deco table radios.

EASTON, MA (12/8/05) � Today, Outlaw Audio announced that it has resurrected the high performance analog stereo receiver. The new Outlaw Audio Model RR 2150 'Retro Receiver' offers state -of -the -art two -channel analog music performance in a design, reminiscent of classic Art Deco table radios, that is a refreshing alternative to the typical seven -channel big -black -box home theater receiver.

According to Outlaw, 'retro' does not mean old fashioned - -there is a USB input for connection to PCs, front -panel auxiliary input for portable music players, and a state -of -the -art digital AM/FM tuner. Like all Outlaw Audio products the RR 2150 is sold exclusively through the company�s web site, www.outlawaudio.com.

'Five or seven speaker surround sound is great for movies,' said Outlaw's president, Peter Tribeman, 'but for music it is still hard to beat the inherent simplicity of a traditional stereo. Just two speakers for two ears�it�s elegant, satisfying, and much easier on your room decor than having to place a half -dozen or more speakers plus a subwoofer around your living room.'

The Outlaw Audio RR 2150 Retro Receiver provides an audiophile -grade pure analog signal path from the phonograph and line -level analog inputs all the way through to the speaker terminals. A 100 -watts -per -channel amplifier gives the Retro Receiver more than enough power to drive large, full -range premium stereo speakers. Additionally, recognizing that some people prefer to use smaller speakers with a separate subwoofer, the RR 2150 is the first stereo receiver to offer a subwoofer output coupled to an analog bass management circuit. This means that the small speakers and subwoofer can be combined to sound like a pair of much larger speakers.

The Outlaw Audio Model RR 2150 Retro Receiver is now available for $599 (US Dollars) exclusively at www.outlawaudio.com.

Privately owned Outlaw Audio designs their own line of high -performance, high -value consumer electronics products and markets them exclusively via the Internet from their www.outlawaudio.com website. The recipient of numerous major awards and 'Recommended Component' ratings from major publications, Outlaw's products are widely regarded by audiophiles around the world.

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