TARA Labs Introduces the RSC® Diva Cable, the First -Ever iPod Audio Cable Designed For Women

Today, TARA Labs unveils the first-ever audio cable specifically made for a woman's heightened sense of hearing -the rectangular solid core (RSC®) Diva cable for iPods, MP3 players and stereos.

Ashland, Ore., Nov. 28, 2005 - Women hear a broader range of high audio frequencies and are more sensitive to high frequency distortion than men, according to recent studies. Today, TARA Labs unveils the first -ever audio cable specifically made for a woman's heightened sense of hearing -the rectangular solid core (RSC®) Diva cable for iPods, MP3 players and stereos.

Sleek and stylish, the Diva cable is available in today's fashion -forward colors including lavender, eggplant and neon pink to name a few. The standard length of the cable is four feet, but can be customized in any length to meet individual customer specifications. Starting cost of the RSC Diva cable is $129.00.

The RSC Diva cable is also lightweight. The four -foot cable weighs just over two ounces, making it easily portable in a pocket, purse or gym bag.

"Now, with the RSC Diva cable, women will be able to hear their favorite songs like they've never heard them before," said Rebecca Barnhardt, marketing director at TARA Labs. "As we monitored studies and conducted our own controlled testing, we were amazed at how much a woman's sensitivity to high frequency distortions differed from a man's. The sounds that women are able to hear with the RSC Diva cable are truly amazing."

The distortion -free, high frequency spectrum is made possible with TARA Labs proprietary rectangular solid core (RSC) conductor technology. RSC conductors don't have a center mass like a traditional round conductor. The result is a pure, natural sound at even the highest of signal frequencies.

RSC conductors are made from super -annealed oxygen -free, eight -nines copper for unparalleled signal clarity. The result is a conductor that is able to combine high current -carrying capability with extreme frequency linearity across the musical spectrum.

The RSC Diva's construction consists of four RSC, SA -OF8N® (Super Annealed Oxygen Free Eight Nines Copper) conductors, natural fiber spacers, anti corrosion coated SA -OF8N copper braided shield, nylon mesh sleeve, 24K gold plated mini -stereo plug to mini -stereo plug, or 24K gold plated mini -stereo plug to two specially designed petite 24K gold -plated RCA plugs that are significantly smaller and lighter than a standard RCA plug.

RSC Diva cables are available now and can be ordered through TARA Labs network of authorized dealers, listed on www.taralabs.com.

About TARA "The Absolute Reference Audio" Labs
TARA Labs celebrates 20 years as a designer and manufacturer of high -end, high -performance audio/video cables and accessories. TARA Labs produces cables that are ideal for home audio and home theater systems, as well as professional installations. TARA cables are currently used by music professionals and studios such as Carnegie Hall and Sony Studios, among other noteworthy sites. Founded in 1986, TARA Labs www.taralabs.com is located in Ashland, Ore. TARA Labs offers an extensive line of audio cables, video cables, digital cables, speaker cables, subwoofer cables, instrument cables, power screens, accessories and bulk products.

Counterfeit cables have been discovered in the U.S. and overseas, so it is important to note that all TARA Labs cables are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. Purchasing through these authorized dealers guarantees authenticity and quality products, as well as the ability to provide service and support of these products. Authorized dealers can be easily located through the "dealer locator" function available on taralabs.com.

Press Contacts:
Rebecca Barnhardt, TARA Labs, rbarnhardt@taralabs.com, 541 -488 -6465
Paulette Brown, Brown Communications Inc., browncom@bellsouth.net, 770 -577 -3881

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