TARA Labs Zeroes In On Performance For Extreme Systems

TARA Labs unveils the Zero™ interconnect and digital cables delivering unrivaled sound reproduction for the most extreme systems used by professionals and in the home environment.

Ashland, Ore., Nov. 18, 2005 - Combining three proprietary technologies developed over the past 20 years: rectangular solid core conductors, isolated floating shields, and vacuum air -tube™ construction, TARA Labs today relaunches the Zero™ interconnect and digital cables delivering unrivaled sound reproduction for the most extreme systems used by professionals and in the home environment.

"The newly designed Zero cables combine the best of both proven and new technologies to eliminate distortion and deliver accurate true -to -live sound," said Matthew Bond, TARA Labs founder and chief product designer. "Matched with a system that is equal to the task, the Zero comes as close to musical perfection as it's possible to come."

"The Zero's x -ray ability to clarify very -low -level tone colors, dynamic nuances, and performance details way back in the mix," said Jonathan Valin in his review of the Zero and Omega in The Absolute Sound. "The remarkable level of ambience retrieval, the electrifying transient speed and definition, and the front -to -back transparency, bottom -octave color, clarity, and authority associated with the Zero is unrivaled."

Specialized RCA and XLR plugs are now integrated into Tara Labs' Teflon Air -tube™. The plugs permit air to be drawn out of the air -tube™, eliminating distortion.

"[TARA Labs' Matthew] Bond has improved upon his ingenious Teflon air -tube design. When it comes to the retrieval of very -low -level, deep -in -the -mix/back -of -the -stage information (including ambient information), nothing I've heard can beat out the TARA Labs Zero and Omega," added Valin.

The Zero line consists of the Zero Interconnect and Zero Digital cable. Zero cables eliminate coloration and distortion making the slightest details, tones, and micro -dynamics audible. The durable engineering of the Zero features flexible end segments that allow the cable to be bent at a 90° angle without compromising the vacuum. Additional specifications of the Zero cables include:

Zero Interconnect
- Capacitance: 4pF/ft.
- Inductance: 0.018uH/ft.
- Vacuum rating: -65 kpa
Zero Digital
- Impedance 110 ohm
- Vacuum rating: -65 kpa
The companion Omega™ speaker cable uses 108 RSC® conductors per leg, the equivalent of a 4 AWG cable.

The Zero Cables are available now through TARA Labs network of authorized dealers.

About The Zero Cable Proprietary Technologies
Rectangular Solid Core® conductors are the only solid core conductors made from super -annealed oxygen -free, eight -nines copper for unparalleled frequency linearity across the music spectrum. The result is bass power, weight, detail, accuracy and correct harmonic structure. Isolated Floating Shield Matrix protects the signal from RF and EMI to deliver the lowest noise floor possible. Teflon Air -Tube™ uses specialized RCA and XLR connectors that permit the air to be drawn out of the air -tube™. eliminating distortion.

About TARA "The Absolute Reference Audio" Labs
The designer and manufacturer of high -end, high -performance audio and video cables and accessories, TARA Labs produces cables that are ideal for home audio and home theater systems, as well as professional installations. TARA Labs cables are currently used by Carnegie Hall and Sony Studios, among other noteworthy sites. Founded in 1986, TARA Labs www.taralabs.com is located in Ashland, Ore. The company offers an extensive line of audio cables, video cables, digital cables, speaker cables, subwoofer cables, power screens, accessories and bulk products.

Counterfeit cables have been discovered in the U.S. and overseas, so it is important to note that all TARA Labs cables are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. Purchasing through these authorized dealers guarantees authenticity and quality products, as well as the ability to provide service and support of these products. Authorized dealers can be easily located through the "dealer locator" function available on taralabs.com.
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Rebecca Barnhardt, TARA LABS rbarnhardt@taralabs.com, 541 -488 -6465

Paulette Brown, Brown Communications, browncom@bellsouth.net, 770 -577 -3881

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