Numinus Introduces StarTiles

Numinus, LLC showcases their new line of fiber optic and LED plug-in ceiling tiles at The Electronic House Expo in Anaheim

Numinus, LLC showcases their new line of fiber optic and LED plug -in ceiling tiles at The Electronic House Expo in Anaheim

DATE: 11/18/2005


What has notoriously been the Achilles heal for home theater installers is quickly becoming the icing on the cake. Just the words "fiber optic star ceiling" would send the most installers running for cover… -Well that is no longer the case! An innovative company from Encinitas, CA has developed ready -to -install starfields. Either plug -in or hard -wire, elaborate or simple… you can have a twinkling fiber optic starfield in any room of your home without enduring a huge remodeling project!

Nov 9 -11, 2005 Numinus exhibited at EHX, and quickly became the must -see booth with complimentary sunsets inside the StarDome tent, and debuting StarTiles™ a new solution to star ceilings with plug -in acoustic ceiling tiles.

Installing a fiber optic starfield in your home theater or bedroom use to involve a couple of weekends worth of attic time: threading hundreds of hair size fibers through pinholes, while trying to breathe through a sweaty dusk mask and scratching at the fiberglass insulation that is sticking to your skin. -That is if you are lucky enough to have attic space above your project.

StarTiles are a simple to install, and an effective way to put the WOW in your home theater or media room. Wrapped with Guilford Of Maine fabric, these rigid -fiberglass acoustic tiles simply plug -in and daisy -chain. This low profile star ceiling solution has the fiber optic and twinkling LEDs inside the tile, all you do is plug and go. -And the big bonuses… These beautiful starry ceilings add acoustic value to your room as well. They are 1" thick rigid fiberglass with a top quality fabric facing available in many colors. Also the light source is twinkling LEDs -no noisy fan, no routing fiber to a closet, and the true star -color of the subtle, twinkling LED starfield will not be distracting while watching a movie. -And they are rated to last 100,000 hours! -considerably longer than the industry standard: 2,000 hour halogen bulbs.

StarTiles come in sizes from 2' x2' up to 4' x 8'. They can be installed into the traditional drop ceiling grid, surface mounted to drywall, or get creative and install some crown molding or cove around the tiles. You can even order these tiles with the edges hardened and wrapped, then surface mount them. For more information visit

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