Accordance announces data back -up for home, small and medium size businesses

ARAID is an easy to install and affordable RAID 1 back-up solution for small and medium size business that need to prevent data loss but cannot afford complicated enterprise level storage solutions.

Accordance Announces Affordable and Reliable Enterprise Quality Data Protection for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Accordance delivers sophisticated RAID data protection for just $390.

DES MOINES, Iowa, November 16, 2005 ½ Accordance Systems today announced that small and medium size businesses can now enjoy the same class of data protection as large enterprises. Connected to either local PCs or a small central server, the ARAID½ IDE and SATA controllers RAID 1 capability has now been expanded to protect registry files, open data base files and application files. Accordance Systems½ ARAID is the first low cost RAID system of its class disk mirroring all computer files for disaster recovery and data backup.

½We have delivered enterprise level data protection for small and medium businesses that do not have their own IT staff,½ said Steve Johnson, President of Accordance Systems. ½Even if you are a computer newbie, you can easily install the ½no software needed½ ARAID on any Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX computer. An ARAID unit can installed into desktop computers for small businesses or into servers for larger businesses.½

The Accordance ARAID controller supports dual hard drives and mirrors data onto both drives. As data gets written to one disk it is automatically copied to the second disk. If one disk fails, the data is protected on the other disk. To replace a failed hard drive, the user simply pulls out the removable ARAID hard drive tray, pulls out the bad disk and replaces it with a new one. The ARAID automatically copies the data from the remaining good drive onto the newly inserted hard disk.

The ARAID is commonly used for backup by using three hard drives ½ one that stays in the ARAID controller, and two that are rotated in and out. The removed hard disk is taken off -site to provide reliable and secure storage of valuable data against disaster scenarios. This is an effective replacement to using tape cartridge back -up systems. Disk -based backups using the ARAID are less expensive, less labor intensive and more reliable than tape based backups. Studies have shown that a full third of all tape backups never finish correctly.

'Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. I've been entrusted to capture that day with that absolutely cannot be replaced if lost. I've both personally experienced, and had colleagues experience, too many drive failures to take any chances. This is the easiest and most reliable solution I have found for protecting my digital assets...those once in a lifetime photographs,' says Brad Emmons, managing partner of Bradford Photography, LLC. 'Protecting my clients most cherished memories as well as my reputation is paramount for both my clients happiness and my continued success. ARAID provides the security and peace of mind I need for a very reasonable cost.'

ARAID can be used with SATA or IDE hard drives and motherboards. The ARAID 2000 (SATA) is available now at $390 each. ARAID 1000 (IDE) is available for $370 each. The entire Accordance product family of RAID storage products can be purchased online at the Accordance website:

About Accordance

Accordance is dedicated to delivering cost effective RAID hardware and software solutions for network and standalone computer systems. Accordance½s ARAID product family of IDE and SATA disk arrays enables companies to effectively store, backup, manage, secure and transfer computer data. Accordance Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1998 with operations in Taipei, Taiwan and Des Moines, Iowa. For more information, please call 1 -515 -223 -4845 or visit

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