PCS (Powerline Control Systems) Launches Firefly Beta Testing Program for its Patented IPC

IPC provides the first ultra-reliable lighting control solution for high noise, high attenuation commercial and industrial environments utilizing existing powerlines for communication.

The initial Firefly Beta test was implemented August 7, 2005 in a 329,000 square foot parking structure in San Jose, California. Currently the Firefly Beta products are controlling 86 of the 350 lighting fixtures. All 86 of the controlled lights are 96 watt Amerillum fluorescent fixtures located near the exterior of the parking facility. Because the powerlines, using metal clad cables, were originally run in the poured concrete slab during construction, all exterior and interior lights had a master control and either had to be all on or all off.

½We didn½t have the ability to turn certain lights on or off so all of our perimeter lighting had to be on during the daylight hours when they weren½t needed,½ explains John Stidham, Chief Engineer for RNM Properties, the owners of the parking facility. ½Between rebates from our utility company and savings on our utility bill as a direct result of the Firefly lighting control products we½re very pleased with the results. We plan to add another 100 lights so they too can be controlled by the system giving us even more flexibility and energy savings.½

Final product will be available exclusively through PCS½s manufacturing division in the first quarter of 2006. For more information on beta testing participation or to receive a free white paper on the Firefly Beta project, please visit http://www.pcslighting.com or call 818 -701 -9831.

About PCS: Founded in 1992, PCS (http://www.pcslighting.com) develops, manufactures, and markets reliable, high -quality lighting control products for the residential and commercial markets. PCS products are designed to use the existing powerline to communicate control signals without any additional wiring via its patented UPB and IPC technologies.

About IPC: IPC (Industrial Powerline Communications) is a patented retrofittable lighting control technology for industrial and commercial applications. Based on PCS½s award -winning UPB technology, used extensively in residential applications, IPC has been developed specifically for high noise, high attenuation environments. Without new wires being run to the lighting fixtures, IPC provides remote control of almost unlimited numbers and types of lighting fixtures. Lighting zones can include any fixture in the building regardless of the fixture½s physical location, phase, circuit, or panel it is connected to. IPC allows for the lighting zones to be programmed remotely from a computer without physically accessing the fixtures or rewiring.

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