New Advanced GPS Navigation System

Mobile Crossing, based in Sunnyvale, CA, today announced its top-of-the-line GPS Navigatin System -- the WayPoint 100 and WayPoint 200 National Edition.

Mobile Crossing Announces Advanced WayPoint GPS Navigation Systems

With Improved User Interface, National Maps and Advanced Safety Features

SUNNYVALE, CA, (November 4, 2005) - - Mobile Crossing today announced significant upgrades to its WayPoint 100 and WayPoint 200 navigation systems including national maps and numerous new software features, improved user interface, increased performance and upgraded safety features.

The improvements represent the company's new top of the line for handheld navigation systems capable of being moved from one car to another. These National Edition WayPoints can now self -install entire regions of the country at no charge.

"The great thing about the WayPoint is there is no need to install map loading software on your PC," said Calvin Chu, Product Manager for Mobile Crossing. "Customers unfamiliar with the latest technology are sometimes daunted by complicated software installation features. These devices have a built -in feature to download their own maps, which is a boon for frequent travelers."

WayPoint owners without an Internet connection may order a Map Loader CD for $5 or a Map Loader Card for $69. The capability for self -installation means mobile professionals may travel to new regions of the country without using a laptop installer for map changes.

Thanks to performance improvements, the new WayPoints can open, use and search much larger regions of the country than before. The increase in performance makes possible real -time proximity alerts. Proximity alerts are pop up messages that notify the driver of nearby points of interest such as gas stations and tourist sites. Another safety improvement includes a new text -to -speech module that reads street names aloud.

All WayPoints come standard with a car kit with integrated charger, amplified speakers and a home kit consisting of a desktop charger USB cradle. The WayPoint 200 includes Mobile Crossing's award winning Bluetooth GPS. The WayPoint 100 comes with a detachable CF GPS. Every WayPoint features full -color moving navigation maps on a bright touch screen display that is intuitive and readable in day light as well as low glare night conditions.

The National Edition models come standard with (64/160 MB) RAM/ROM; an
Intel XScale 400MHz processor; NVIDIA MQ1188 video controller with 320X240
(64K Color) resolution; Compact Flash, SD slot and USB. The device is
preloaded with Windows Mobile Premium Edition and contains a set of Windows
Mobile 2003 applications including Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player,
and Outlook -compatible organizer applications.

The WayPoint 100 National Edition has a suggested retail price of $599.99. The WayPoint 200 National Edition is listed at $749.99, although street prices for both products are often lower. Mobile Crossing's products are available at retail outlets or on -line at

About Mobile Crossing

Mobile Crossing, founded in 2004, is a privately funded Silicon Valley company

that develops advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation devices designed to meet the mobile travel and navigation needs of people who desire a navigation system that can be moved from one vehicle to another or carried for recreational use.

Mobile Crossing is located at 1230 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 304, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 -4028/ Latitude: 37.386635, Longitude: -121.993258. Phone is 408 -738 -8816.


Calvin Chu
Mobile Crossing
(408) 738 -8816 x102

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