Personal Displays Report 2005 Released

This forecast and analysis of the Personal Display market is a comprehensive tool for consumer and vertical market electronics industry professionals.

Personal Displays: Opportunity Analysis and Forecast 2005, published by Insight Media and McLaughlin Consulting Group, is now available. This forecast and analysis of the Personal Display market is a comprehensive tool for consumer and vertical market electronics industry professionals, providing key findings on microdisplay pricing trends, the demand for consumer personal displays by application , consumer preferences for microdisplay resolution, market trends on wireless content and adoption of Mobile TV, and new technology advances such as binocular designs.

Over the next two years, wireless services and consumer electronics companies, in combination with personal display developers, will introduce a new generation of communications and entertainment solutions incorporating headset personal displays. By 2009, sales of such display headsets are forecasted to top $1B.

Key Findings

Personal displays (head -mounted displays) will become cost -competitive in 2006 and 2007 due to:

Decline in cost of microdisplays
Emergence of new designs such as biocular
Increased volume for all headsets and headset components

Use of personal displays will be made easier by these key market trends:

Increased availability/lower cost of wireless content
Acceptability to consumers of 480 line definition for video
Headsets becoming more mainstream with emergence of Bluetooth audio headsets and gaming audio headsets
Emergence of mobile video

Personal displays will become a competitive weapon to gain market share for makers of four key content delivery platforms:

Convergence products - - Cell phones/PDAs/MP3/video/cameras
Game consoles
Notebook computers
Portable video players (including portable DVDs)


The study is 166 pages and includes:

Forecasts through 2009 with detail by market and product type including units and sales value for personal displays and for the derived market for microdisplays
Pricing for personal displays and microdisplays through 2009
Detailed analysis of the five key success factors for personal displays the Five Cs Cost/Performance, Content, Control Interface, Channels, and Comfort.
Detailed quantitative evaluation of key comfort parameters with review and summary of personal display comfort studies done over the past several years
Analysis of each consumer application including Personal TV, Gaming, Data+ Headsets and Sports Helmet Navigators.
Company profiles for 30 personal display companies
Three appendices provide detailed analysis of personal display system basics, Personal TV price point, and study methodology

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Who Should Buy

The report is a comprehensive tool for consumer and vertical market electronics industry professionals to understand the timing and scope of emerging opportunities and develop their companys response to those opportunities:

Cell phone headset and handset makers Understand how and when displays will be incorporated into cell phone headsets, pricing and cost impact.
Portable DVD makers Understand opportunities for upscale portable DVDs incorporating Personal (big -screen) TVs, pricing and cost impact.
Big -screen TV makers Personal (big -screen) TV peripheral creates differentiation opportunity for big -screen TV makers.
Cell phone service providers Higher -definition displays in headsets allows delivery of more sophisticated value -added wireless services such as mobile video
Convergence Products Viewer Headset boosts attractiveness and usefulness of convergence products that incorporate voice, PDA, MP3 video and imaging
capabilities. Envision a headset accessory for Apples video iPod.
Personal Display makers Understand how and when high -volume PD sales will emerge, learn success factors for the emerging PD solutions
Microdisplay makers Understand price and performance requirements and timing for the microdisplays to be incorporated in the new PD products

Deliverable: The report is delivered as one print copy and one pdf file under a site license agreement.

Pricing: $3,000 hard copy.
$4,000 for hard copy plus site license with pdf file.

On -site presentation and consulting services available upon request.

For more information, visit, or contact Dian Mecca, Insight Media, (203) 831 -8464,

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