NoiseBuster® noise canceling headphone is now available for a special holiday price of $50, nearly 30% off the regular $69 price, when purchased online at

FORT PIERCE, Fla., October 21, 2005 - NoiseBuster® noise canceling audio headphone is the perfect gift item for frequent travelers, commuters, users of lawnmowers or motorized exercise equipment, music lovers, or anyone who just needs a little solace from the constant din that surrounds us. From now until December 31, 2005, the NoiseBuster headphone is available for a discounted price of $50, nearly 30% off the regular $69 price, when purchased online at

The product electronically reduces irritating, anxiety -provoking, background noise by coupling low -frequency noise waves with their exact mirror image waves. The NoiseBuster headphone can be used on its own for simple peace and quiet or in conjunction with a portable audio device for excellent music clarity without overamplification and distortion.
The NoiseBuster headphone contains patented electronic noise cancellation technology that delivers 18dB of low -frequency noise reduction. NoiseBuster is one of the best -known and most highly -respected brands in the noise canceling headphone category. Previous versions have received prestigious recognition and numerous awards from organizations such as Discover Magazine and the Electronic Industries Association.
Today, there are a variety of noise canceling headphones on the market priced as high as
$299. According to Pro Tech president Richard Hennessey, the NoiseBuster headphone is unmatched by the competition. "There is no other product on the market today that can deliver the level of electronic noise cancellation or acoustic performance that is offered by the NoiseBuster," said Mr. Hennessey. "And when you consider our very reasonable price point, the product is simply a tremendous value."
The open -back design of the NoiseBuster headphone is comfortable for the wearer and the product folds for portability. The NoiseBuster achieves a good ear seal without enclosing the ear in unwieldy, and often hot, closed earcups. The product has been specifically engineered for superior noise reduction and acoustic performance by electronic noise cancellation experts.
NoiseBuster is available from Pro Tech online at or by calling 800 -468 -8371. Only online purchases will receive the discounted price. Members of the press can receive free evaluation units by contacting Joanna Lipper at 203 -226 -4447 ext. 3506 or Downloadable images and other press information is available online at

About Pro Tech Communications, Inc.
Pro Tech Communications, Inc. engineers, designs and distributes audio and communications solutions and other products for business users, industrial users and consumers. The company's mission is to utilize its patented technologies to deliver the most advanced, feature -rich, durable and comfortable products at the most competitive price. Pro Tech's most recognized brands include the Apollo™ line of high -performance products for office and call center environments, the ProCom™ line of highly -durable headsets for drive -through restaurant personnel and the NoiseBuster® electronic noise canceling consumer audio headphone and safety earmuff. For more information, visit

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