Major Music Libraries Offered in Microsoft's Windows Media Audio Lossless Format Ensuring Highest Fidelity Available in the Market Today

NEW YORK, N.Y.; Sept. 28, 2005 - - In a major development for consumers, the recording industry, musicians, and the music download business, MusicGiants today announced the launch of the MusicGiants Network, the first music download service to offer high -definition, digital recordings from top music labels EMI Music, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

The digital music libraries of each label, encompassing hundreds of thousands of recordings, are now available. MusicGiants downloads, priced at $1.29 each and offered in the Windows Media Audio Lossless format, have up to seven times the sound quality of music from any other download services.

"The MusicGiants Network will give music lovers a reason to fall in love with their music all over again," said MusicGiants CEO Scott Bahneman.

MusicGiants is the first commercial download service offering high -definition music files in the Windows Media Audio Lossless format, which provides the sound quality of the original digital recording, demonstrably superior in playback quality to compressed music from existing download services. Ordinary download services provide music at data rates of 128 to 192 kbps (kilobytes per second), while MusicGiants' Windows Media Audio Lossless downloads reproduce music at up to 1100 kbps, delivering the sound quality of the original CD. In addition, MusicGiants uses Windows Media Digital Rights Management (Windows Media DRM) to deliver content. Windows Media DRM is the leading solution for securing digital media, and is supported on the widest range of consumer electronics devices.

"Throughout my career I've had the honor to record with some of the greatest producers and engineers in the world," said Grammy award winning artist Michael Bolton. "It's very exciting and promising to know that there's finally a format such as MusicGiants that will reproduce the musical integrity of our work."

Any PC running Windows XP or device that supports Windows Media Audio Lossless and Windows Media DRM can play the downloaded files. To use MusicGiants, customers must register online, get the MusicGiants Network software via download or CD -ROM, and open an account by paying the $50 annual fee. MusicGiants will then credit the new customer's account with $50 for music purchases.

"MusicGiants is taking digital downloads to a new level of sonic quality that should please even the most discerning audiophile," said Thomas Ryan, senior vice president, Mobile and Digital Business Development at EMI Music North America.

"With its dedicated focus on delivering high -quality downloads, MusicGiants represents an important new addition to the digital music landscape," commented Thomas Hesse, president, Global Digital Business, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. "We're delighted to be working with them as they roll out this innovative new service."

"We are pleased to be joining with MusicGiants to bring this exciting new service to consumers," stated Larry Kenswil, president of Universal Music Group's eLabs. "Universal Music Group is committed to expanding the digital experience for music fans through innovative offerings like MusicGiants."

"When it comes to listening to music, quality is everything," said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "MusicGiants Network is taking a giant leap forward to now give consumers the best digital music listening experience possible."

MusicGiants has also introduced a professional -grade home music player, called the SoundVault, pre -loaded with Windows XP and the MusicGiants Network, and capable of storing about 10,000 songs in high -definition. MusicGiants is marketing its service and the SoundVault through high -end electronics retailers, custom audio/video installers and online.

"We sell premium music for high performance audio systems," said Bahneman.

"From Woodstock to countries all over the world, I've always loved bringing music into people's lives," said Doug Clifford from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival. "You probably think I am getting paid to say this, but in fact it is the other way around. MusicGiants sounds so good I invested in the company."

"MusicGiants is raising the bar in both audio and sound management worlds," said Oscar and Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Paul Williams. "There's hope at last for the record romantic who longs for the bright sound of his vinyl past and yet demands the convenience of the download. It'll only take one listen for the consumer to realize there's a brighter sound future available."

While MusicGiants has signed agreements with major labels, it also is inking agreements with smaller companies, including independent labels.

Additional information can be obtained by visiting or contacting the company at MusicGiants is located at 926 Incline Village Way, Ste. 250, Incline Village, NV 89451.

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