Leading video testing and evaluation company, DisplayMate Technologies, recognized digital solutions provider Gefen as a premium source for add-on digital video solutions with a prestigious 5-star DisplayMate Best Video Hardware Award.

The award came after an extensive test run in which President and CEO, Dr. Raymond Soneira, relied on a series of Gefen solutions to integrate high definition displays to multiple sources across long distances without networking or intricate wiring.

The entire testing system was built using Gefen's 6x2 HDMI Switcher, one 2:8 and two 4:1 HDMI Distribution Amplifiers, a HDTV CAT5 Extender with two shielded 75 -foot CAT -5 cables, a DVI Detective and half a dozen long HDMI to DVI cables, with the entire sonfiguration connecting six HD sources to six HDTV displays.

"To get identical digital signals to all of the HD displays simultaneously was key to the entire system," said Soneira.

"With the Gefen distribution amplifiers, we were able to send uncompressed, high definition digital signals up to 1080p to all six displays without any problems or compatibility issues, even over long runs of CAT -5 cabling in the lab."

For a more in -depth comparison, Soneira utilized Gefen's 6x2 HDMI Switcher, capable of connecting up to six HDMI or DVI sources and outputting two audio/video signals for each source, together with the distribution amplifiers to drive signals simultaneously.

"With the Gefen switcher/distribution amp connections, we were able to check several sources of video on displays side -by -side; it provided a plug -and -play method of easy integration and top notch performance."

The entire testing process is illustrated in a series of articles entitled, "LCoS Display Technology Shoot -Out" appearing in Widescreen Review Magazine beginning with the November 2005 issue.

"Being recognized as a provider of the best commercially video hardware based solely on performance is very rewarding," said President and CEO of Gefen, Hagai Gefen.

"We know leading publications and companies rely on DisplayMate Technologies to help achieve the best video quality and assurance, and Gefen is committed to providing the very best HDTV add -on solutions in the market."

About DisplayMate Technologies:
DisplayMate Technologies is devoted exclusively to video testing, evaluation and optimization. The company develops state -of -the -art video diagnostic products for the consumer and professional markets. DisplayMate Technologies is widely recognized throughout the computer and video industries as the worldwide leader in video diagnostics, which are used in the calibration, testing, evaluation and optimization of image and picture quality for all types of displays, such as CRTs, analog and digital LCDs and plasma displays, video projectors, microdisplays, HDTVs and more. Since 1996 DisplayMate has produced all of the test patterns for the InfoComm Projection Shoot -Out and is used by over 200 publications in 50 countries for testing and evaluating video hardware.

About Gefen:
A leader in the high definition digital domain, Gefen delivers advanced technologies with multi -platform extension, switching, distribution and conversion capabilities. Gefen equipment is utilized all over the world in professional AV/IT and consumer electronics/home theater environments. Their add -on hardware maximizes system functionality and enhances operability by enabling AV systems to go beyond their original functionalities. Solutions support an array of connectivity interfaces including HDMI, DVI, dual link DVI, HD -SDI, SDI, VGA, RCA, USB, Firewire and RS -232. A selection of high quality cabling is also available. Additional information may be found at

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