Oregan Networks licenses home networking and broadband TV software package for IP Set Top Boxes

Oregan Networks Ltd., a supplier of W3C-compliant TV browsing and media streaming software, has announced today that the company has established a direct licensing relationship with one of Europe's largest incumbent carriers.

London, UK, October 18, 2005 - Oregan Networks Ltd., a supplier of W3C -compliant TV browsing and media streaming software, has announced today that the company has established a direct licensing relationship with one of Europe's largest incumbent carriers.

The commercial roll -out of Oregan -connected next generation Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) by the operator is slated for Q1 2006.

Oregan™ Media Browser, a tri -functional solution for residential consumption of IP media on convergent consumer electronics and customer premises equipment, comprises a TV web browser, IPTV client and a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) module. The end consumer devices enabled by Oregan's software modules deliver carrier grade video services, RSS news feed, stock trading and weather information, as well as Internet radio, podcasts, Google powered searches, and home media networking.

The deal reinforces the defining trend in telco sourcing strategies, strongly shifting towards increasing control over hardware costs and system architectures.

Mark G Perry, Oregan's Chief Executive Officer said, "This is an exciting development both for Oregan and the telco market. In addition to IPTV and VOD, the convergent IP Set Top Boxes (IP STB) to be deployed to the end consumers will offer the functionalities traditionally ascribed to either consumer electronics or personal computers: web based services and wireless home media distribution. The web browsing, home media streaming and IPTV modules are closely integrated, providing indisputable cost and time -to -market advantages and allowing the deployment of value -add network services within a short timescale - an important factor for the highly competitive DSL services market. Importantly, Oregan creates its software specifically for resource -constrained platforms, which means low memory consumption and a minimal footprint are absolute requirements."

The Oregan -enabled STB design features a uniform UI for web -based and home entertainment, built on the latest internet content standards: dynamic HTML and Macromedia® Flash® rendering.

About Oregan™ Media Browser
Oregan Media Browser enables broadband IP delivery of digital entertainment content to resource -constrained Consumer Electronics and Customer Premises Equipment, as well as facilitating mobility of digital media within the home network. It provides an optimal architectural integration of three content delivery modules: TV Browser and UI Engine, IPTV Client and DLNA Player and Server.

The core of Oregan's solution is its W3C recommendations -compliant embedded web browser and user interface engine, enabling advanced web browsing and graphics rendering on TV -centric entertainment platforms. The web browser delivers the functionality of a Unified User Interface for converged media: web based services, IPTV, and home network media.

The Oregan TV browser module features support for HTML 4.01, XHTML1.0, Macromedia® Flash® content, JavaScript 1.5, CSS -2, CSS -TV, and DOM -2 enabling Dynamic HTML. The browser has a compact 2MB footprint and executes within 8MB SDRAM.

About Oregan Networks Ltd.
Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded software for convergent digital home entertainment devices. Oregan offers unique expertise in highly integrated media client solutions catering for IPTV, VOD and home network media distribution.

Oregan is privately owned, with headquarters in London, UK and branch offices in USA, Japan and Taiwan. Since incorporation in 1997, the company has positioned itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market, counting Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Philips Electronics amongst its customers.

Oregan participates in the UPnP® Forum and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), to ensure compliance with rigorous quality and consumer device interoperability standards.

More information is available at www.oregan.net

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