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HomeSettings Gadgets Offer Convenience, Security and Safety

Spring Grove, IL - (August 10, 2005) - Buying the perfect holiday gift for friends, family and loved ones can become a challenge, but Intermatic can ease the way with their new wireless HomeSettings home control products. Made with Zensys Z -Wave technology, HomeSettings modules are great for the do -it -yourself consumer looking for dependable, sophisticated home controls without the high price tag.

Intermatic HomeSettings products use Zensys Z -Wave technology to give consumers an easy approach to home controls. If a signal from the remote control to the device cannot directly be received, each product is embedded with a powerful Z -Wave chip that allows signals to bounce from one device to another in order to provide the most efficient working path. A starter kit, which includes a master remote control and two lamp modules, can be purchased for less than $100.

"This holiday season, we want to help consumers find the ultimate holiday present," says Art Noparstak, a home protection and controls expert with Intermatic Inc. and a board member of the non -profit Burglary Prevention Council ( "Whether customers want the convenience of dimming their lights from the comfort of their couch or the security benefits of arriving home to a well -lit property without leaving lights on all day and wasting electricity, Intermatic HomeSettings is a high -performing system that is affordable, incredibly fun and easy -to -install."

As retailers push an array of tech -friendly gadgets this holiday season, Intermatic HomeSettings is ideal for consumers who are cautious when it comes to spending, yet want to buy a cool, innovative gift that will surely make any home appear modern and any consumer look like a millionaire. The Intermatic HomeSettings products include:

· Plug -In Appliance Module (Model HA02) - Features include a heavy -duty three -pronged plug and receptacle for use with common household appliances and compact fluorescent bulbs as well as LED feedback. For indoor use only.

· Plug -In Lamp Module (Model HA03) - To easily control incandescent lamps. Offers on/off/dim/bright features and LED feedback. The three -way option allows consumers to control lights from multiple locations. For indoor use only.

· Outdoor Lamp Module (Model HA04) - The weather resistant module is ideal for landscape and holiday lighting. Features a six -inch cord and LED feedback. For indoor and outdoor use.

· In -Wall Dimmer/Switch (Model HA06) - Offers on/off/dim/bright features and LED feedback. The three -way option allows users to control lights from multiple locations. Perfect for single -pole installations and no neutral feed is required. Uses decora faceplate. For indoor mounting only.

· Master Remote Controller (HA07) - Features 12 channels for control of individual devices or groups of devices, "all -on' feature to quickly turn on all lights controlled with dimming modules. Controls up to 192 devices in and around the home. Offers 28 timed events, eight dimming levels and a large LED display to show all functions. The product also includes a low battery indicator, memory backup, and a variety of timing functions, including a built -in Astro clock, allowing lights to go on at sunset and off at sunrise, never having to reset the timer. The Master Remote Control can be duplicated and controls

HomeSettings and Z -Wave enabled products. The attractive design can be set on a table top or mounted on a wall.

· Handy Remote Controller (HA09) - Offers six channels for control of individual devices or groups of devices. Controls up to 96 devices in and around the home. Features eight dimming levels. The Handy Remote Control can be duplicated.

All Intermatic HomeSettings products come with a step -by -step, easy -to -follow guide and are also compatible with all other products using Z -Wave technology.

To order Intermatic HomeSettings, one of the most popular, sought -after home control systems on the market today, visit Fry's Electronics or log on to, or

About Intermatic Inc.
Intermatic is the leading producer of home security and home control products such as lighting and appliance timers and wireless security alarms. Intermatic HomeSettings products are available at most hardware stores and home centers.

Intermatic also manufactures a new line of insect control products called the Mosquito FreedomÔ line of Mosquito Inhibitors as well as Malibu® Low Voltage and Solar outdoor lighting, industrial and residential surge protectors, timers, and photo control products. For additional information on the full range of Intermatic products, contact: Intermatic, Intermatic Plaza, Spring Grove, Ill., 60081 -9698.
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Editors Note: To request product samples, color photos, high -resolution images or pictures on CD, please contact Lauren Russ at 773/545 -7380.

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