Paradigm's New Blockbuster Cinema Speakers Put HT Enthusiasts Front Row Center. Cinema 220 And 330 - A Small Price To Pay For Even Bigger Sound!

ONTARIO, CANADA - CEDIA EXPO 2005 - Paradigm unveils the latest and most powerful additions to its award -winning Cinema™ series - Cinema™ 220 and its larger sibling, Cinema™ 330.

These new additions were also designed as LCR (Left/Center/Right) speaker systems in which the left, right and center speakers are identical in construction and acoustics, so that sound panning from one side of the front soundstage to the other blends seamlessly from one speaker to the next, resulting in an even, unified and enveloping soundfield. The most powerful Cinema speakers yet, 220 and 330 reinforce Paradigm's role as the leader in innovative, versatile and affordable audiophile -quality speakers. For those who want big sound at little cost, Cinema 220 and 330 certainly fit the bill.

Like their predecessors, Cinema 220 and 330 feature award -winning Monitor Series (Paradigm's affordable high -end speaker line) technology, and while they maintain the sleek, ultra -compact Cinema™ design, they boast much bigger drivers. Cinema 220 features two 5.5" ICP™ injection -molded co -polymer polypropylene bass/midrange drivers (almost an inch bigger than any Cinema driver to date!). Cinema 330 features two 4.5" ICP bass/midrange cones and two 4.5" high -power carbon -infused bass cones. Both speakers display much larger magnet structures than are typical in this series. Dual voice coils in the 220 help dissipate the load on the woofer, and in the 330, twice as many coils meet the demands posed by twice as many drivers. In both models, Paradigm's perennial favorite, the 1" PTD pure -titanium dome tweeter, remains in charge of high frequencies.

What does this all mean for music and home theater enthusiasts? Increased sensitivity and power handling, together with much higher output levels; bass that is deep and well extended, midrange performance that is even clearer and concise, and as always, high frequencies that offer superb clarity. While these powerful (but still compact) satellites can still be used in a smaller room, these new models are better suited to larger rooms than any previous Cinema speaker. They can be wall mounted or placed on speaker stands to ensure that sound reaches the listener at the correct height for optimal listening.

Considering a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system? Three Cinema 220s or 330s across the front matched with Cinema™ ADP satellite speakers for the surround and/or rear channels, backed by any one of Paradigm's PDR series subwoofers - or, for even deeper bass, the new UltraCube™ 10 - and you are well on your way to a performance like no other compact music and HT system on the market delivers. (Speaker stands, Cinema ADP satellites and PDR subwoofer all sold separately.)

Cinema 220: Cabinet size is 4.75" x 20.25" x 5.75" deep; Cinema 330: Cabinet size is 4.25" x 24.5" x 6.35" deep. Both models include an adjustable TV -Top/Shelf support for use when the center speaker is being used in a horizontal configuration. The Paradigm® logo is magnetically affixed to the grille, allowing it to be properly positioned for either a vertical or horizontal configuration. Both models are available in silver, white or black and pricing will be announced at CEDIA 2005.

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Innovative design, advanced materials, in -house manufacturing, and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm® an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm® is committed to being at the leading edge of speaker technology and consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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