Bar Code Printer adds greater flexibility and value to industry's only automated wine management system.

Upper Saddle River, NJ - eSommelier is proud to announce the introduction of the eSommelier Bar Code Printer as well as a new software update that adds valuable new features. The Bar Code Printer allows collectors to create their own unique bar code tracking system while the software update adds many new features that were suggested by dealers and users.

With thousands of wineries around the globe producing millions of bottles of wine each year it's not surprising a Universal Product Code (UPC) database cataloging each wine does not exist. Some bottles do feature a UPC symbol, but few, if any consumers have a way to access the information the UPC symbol contains. Currently, eSommelier users can take advantage of UPC symbols by using the eSommelier bar code scanner to assign a wine's information to that UPC. Now with the new eSommelier Bar Code Printer collectors can create their own bar codes and easily catalog each individual bottle in their entire cellar, making tracking their collection over the years that much easier.

Creating a bar code is simple; after entering in a wine's information a unique bar code for each bottle will be created and printed immediately to be placed on the bottle. Each bottle in a collection is given a unique bar code so that collectors can simply scan the bar code and that bottle will be automatically removed from their collection. Tracking individual bottles rather than "bins" or cases is much more efficient allowing collectors to differentiate between the locations of each individual bottle within a cellar.

eSommelier has also recently introduced the latest revision to their software, version 2.0, that adds many new features such as Power Search, Bar Code Printer support and a completely revised detail screen. The Power Search feature will enable users to search for a wine using any text string, including notes, associated with that wine record. For example typing in "lamb" will display all the wines in one's collection that have been associated as going well with lamb. The new details screen will provide the ability to enter a distinct location in the cellar for each individual bottle and a new field has been added to specify bottle sizes (e.g. 750 ml, split, Magnum, Jeroboam, etc.). Also included in the new details screen is an "Add Similar" button which makes it easier to enter a wine that is nearly identical to a wine already in the system. All current eSommelier users will receive this update free over the Internet by simply pressing the "Update Now" button on their unit.

eSommelier is constantly being updated with new features and soon to come will be the capability for system owners to go directly online to purchase wine. eSommelier is also researching its ability to allow users to track auction sales and valuate their collection based on hammer prices.

MSRP of the eSommelier Bar Code Printer is $2,000 and is shipping now. Software update version 2.0 is available free to all eSommelier users.

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Designed and engineered by Media Access Solutions, eSommelier is the first residential, integrated Wine Management Server that gives wine lovers unprecedented access to their wine collections. Via a simple to use touch screen interface, collector's can search their entire wine cellar from anywhere in their home or abroad.

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