The free upgrade goes beyond bug fixes and compatibility patches to offer substantive features that users of the iScan HD+ can truly benefit from.

Campbell, CA - August 1, 2005 - Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc. (ABT) proudly announces the release of its latest software upgrade to the iScan HD+ models. The free upgrade goes beyond bug fixes and compatibility patches to offer substantive features that users of the iScan HD+ can truly benefit from. Enhanced features include; 480i/576i DVI support, full input and output aspect ratio control, display profiles, non -volatile memory settings and increased range on frame rate conversion. All upgrades apply to the HD+ models only and will not affect to the HD versions.

The iScan HD+ now supports DVI input signals that have RGB (4:4:4) colorspace, which include 480i, 480p, 576p, 720p, and 1080i. The following 480i/576i sources have been tested with the feature; DirecTV HR10 -250, Sony DVP -NS975V, LG LSS -3200A, Arcam DV79, and Pioneer Elite DV -59AVi.

Support for the input aspect ratio control is provided with the User option which to choose an arbitrary aspect ratio called User from a range of 1.01:1 -3.00:1. Users can modify the input aspect ratio using one of four presets from both the OSD and the remote control and store their selections in non -volatile memory. Additionally, the following parameters can be set manually; frame aspect ratio, active input aspect ratio, zoom factor, pan parameter, as well as horizontal and vertical borders.

There are four controls for Output Aspect Ratio (OAR). The display aspect ratio allows, for example, a 4:3 aspect ratio to appear centered on a 16:9 screen. Image shift allows the user to adjust the location of the image on screen both horizontally and vertically when the "Screen" aspect ratio is not equal to the "Display " aspect ratio. Underscan represents the visible display area, a sub -set of the Active Output area and is like a negative zoom which preserves the aspect ratio of the active area.

When the user mode for the iScan HD+ is set to advanced, the Display Profile is enabled. Display parameter including output type (analog, DVI -video, DVI -PC), format, output aspect ratio, color space (YPbPr or RGB), sync tape, and frame rate conversion information make up a display profile which can be defined, saved and easily recalled in the future. Additionally, an auto feature can link a specific input to a display profile so whenever that input is active, the chosen display profile is automatically selected.

The iScan HD+ stores a variety of user settings in non -volatile memory. The non -volatile memory retains its contents when power is lost, an important feature when dealing with customizable settings. The range of the iScan HD+'s framerate conversion is no longer limited by the software, it is only limited by the hardware with ranges shown below.

Output Res. Analog Output Range Dig. Output Range
1280x960 25.00Hz - 96.00Hz 25.00Hz - 111.00Hz
1440x960 25.00Hz - 72.00Hz 25.00Hz - 83.00Hz
1440x1152 25.00Hz - 60.00Hz 25.00Hz - 69.00Hz

Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc. certainly has the user in mind with the latest iScan HD+ 2.91 software updates. As consumers become more educated, they become more demanding and the need for customizable features becomes mandatory. ABT has shown a commitment to improving their technology while keeping the consumer in mind by offering the upgrade at no cost.

Anchor Bay Technologies Inc. (ABT) designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductor and system -level solutions for the next generation of Digital Television and Digital Video electronic products. Headquartered in Campbell, California, ABT is the parent to DVDO® Home Theater Products and the creator of the proprietary DVDO iScan™ line of video processing systems. Anchor Bay Technologies' Precision Video Scaling technology is based on ABT's proprietary video scaling engine that can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to achieve an outstanding picture quality for today's high resolution video displays.

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