Eagle Broadband Announces New PVR Functionality for Existing IP5000 Standard and High -Definition IP

New PVR Functionality Enables Telcos and Broadband Service Providers to Deliver Exceptional Video Quality with Subscriber-Controlled Viewing Flexibility for High-End Residential IPTV Market

HOUSTON - - September 27, 2005 - - Eagle Broadband, Inc. (AMEX:EAG), a leading provider of broadband, Internet protocol (IP) and communications technology and services, announced today that it has added advanced, full -featured personal video recorder (PVR) functionality to the company's advanced, MediaPro IP5000 set -top boxes that deliver dual tuner, dual streaming PVR in standard and high -definition formats for the residential IPTV market.

Eagle's MediaPro IP5000 has been proven as a high -end hospitality IP set -top box platform capable of delivering standard and high -definition formats with the advanced processing needed for internet browsing, gaming, video on demand, and other interactive services in the hospitality industry. The IP5000HD has been deployed at a new luxury casino in Las Vegas, the largest IP -based high definition deployment in the industry to date. By adding PVR functionality to the IP5000, Eagle now offers service providers a complete family of IP set -top box solutions that provide a better way to compete with cable and satellite service providers on cost, as well as advanced functionality.

"With the availability of our new IP3000 and IP5000 with PVR functionality, IPTV service providers now have a powerful combination of advanced features and functionality at the lowest possible cost enabling them to offer a full range of highly competitive video services to their subscribers," said David Micek, president and CEO of Eagle Broadband. "Eagle is focused on delivering turnkey IPTV solutions and these additional set -top box offerings enable us to provide service providers with the industry's only, end -to -end IPTV solution set with content, infrastructure and transport all the way to the set -top box in the subscriber's home."

Capable of supporting a variety of leading middleware and video -on -demand systems, the IP5000 platform delivers advanced content system security and digital rights management (DRM) needed by a wide variety of industries, such as telco, hospitality, enterprise, and government markets. Available in MPEG2 format, the IP5000 also supports the new MPEG -4 AVC (H.264) video compression standard.
Eagle is enhancing the IP5000 platform with dual -tuner and dual stream PVR services in a standard or high -definition format for the residential IPTV market. The added PVR capability provides the functionality currently available with cable and satellite PVR or digital video recorder (DVR) systems, but in an IP -based format. These features include: record, playback, fast -forward and rewind of live and scheduled programming; live broadcast pause, instant rewind and playback with slow motion; and the capability to use all of these features while recording another broadcast.

The MediaPro IP5000 platform features advanced Intel -architecture graphics and memory controller with a highly integrated graphics accelerator. The architecture consists of dedicated multi -media engines executing in parallel to deliver high performance 2D, 3D and motion compensation video capabilities. The IP5000 supports a VESA DDC2B compliant display interface and a digital video out port to provide NTSC and PAL broadcast standards. The proprietary hardware security features of MediaPro IP5000HD facilitate content protection throughout the system when combined with HDCP. The PVR recording storage capacity is dependent upon the size of hard -disk which is configurable based upon service provider requirements.

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