NEW: FLAT TV LINK Connect all your appliances to your (flat-screen) TV with one single cable

EINDHOVEN, NL - Flat -screen TVs have won a lot in popularity recently. And rightly so, as the new flat -screen TVs, with their perfect picture quality, are a sight for sore eyes. But how can you connect all your appliances to a flat -screen TV? And can anything be done about those annoying cables?

The Marmitek Flat TV Link is a stylish and handy appliance that gives the TV several extra connections. You can connect up to 4 appliances (for example a DVD player, video recorder, satellite receiver, set -top box, Camcorder, games computer) to the TV with one single cable. No more "ugly" cables clogging up your view. And just as importantly: No need to change cables ever again!

Technological tour de force
The Flat TV Link is an absolute technological tour de force: interference -free switching without loss of signal thanks to Signal Regulator Technology (SRT™), an extremely durable selector switch and RGB for optimum video quality. All 4 ins and the out are equipped with SCART RGB, RCA, S -video and a digital -optical connection.

Stylish extension
The Flat TV Link stands out because of its stylish design. With its light metallic colour, the use of clean lines and the size (43 cm wide = standard measurement), the Flat TV Link fits in effortlessly with your interior and the audio/stereo components.

Gamers beware
More and more gamers have more than one games computer. The Flat TV Link finally offers a technically advanced appliance which, with one press of a button, allows you to switch between various games computers.

A list of retail addresses and general information can be found at: www.marmitek.com.

Marmitek provides comfort and safety to your home and company in an innovative way. Marmitek makes use of the newest technologies in the fields of multimedia, video surveillance, home automation and security. Mutual product compatibility is one of the spearheads, which gives you the opportunity to create your own system and add new user possibilities at any time. You can find company and product information at www.marmitek.com or via the telephone: 040 2122831.

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