Lumagen Introduces the VisionDVI™ Home Theater Video Processor and Scaler

Vision™ Series Processor Enhances Image Quality on Plasma, Rear-Screen and Other Large Displays, While Setting New Affordability Standard


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Lumagen Introduces the VisionDVI™ Home Theater Video Processor and Scaler

Vision™ Series Processor Enhances Image Quality on Plasma, Rear -Screen and Other Large Displays, While Setting New Affordability Standard

CEDIA, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, Sept. 9, 2005 - Lumagen, Inc., a specialist in the design and manufacture of products for the home and corporate theater markets, introduces its VisionDVI™ video processor to the custom installation market at CEDIA Expo 2005 beginning today in Indianapolis.

The VisionDVI dramatically enhances the quality of all analog, DVI and HDMI signal sources for analog and digital high -definition displays with resolutions up to 768p. Equipped with two standard -definition and high -definition (SD/HD) digital inputs, and six analog inputs - two of which are SD/HD - the VisionDVI can transcode, process and output video as either analog or digital signals, and accept computer input for switching.

The VisionDVI is the most affordable component in Lumagen's Vision™ family of video processors, which deliver the video switching, deinterlacing, scaling, calibration functions and top performance necessary for creating exceptional high -definition Home Theaters and viewing experiences. Other members of the Vision family include the VisionHDP, which is perfectly suited for front projectors and top -level plasma displays; and the VisionPro™ HDP, which is ideal for custom -installed, high -end Home theaters and corporate video systems.

The VisionDVI significantly refines the images presented by plasma monitors, rear -screen TVs and other big -screen displays. Flexible and versatile, it provides features essential to a superb theater experience at home or in a corporate environment, while setting a new standard in value by delivering the performance and capabilities of processors costing far more.

The VisionDVI is equipped with eight inputs, including 2 composite inputs, 2 S -Video inputs, 2 SD/HD Component inputs, and 2 DVI inputs with HDCP. An additional 2 SDI inputs are available as an option. The versatile array allows transcoding between Component and RGB analog HD sources, image scaling, and per -pixel deinterlacing. The Component and DVI inputs automatically switch between SD and HD sources.

Signal output is via an analog and digital DVI -I connection, with an optional BNC analog output also available. An RS232 interface is provided for upgradeability and control functions, and a 10 -bit DAC is built in for analog outputs.

Key features include user -adjustable image enhancement, a programmable output resolution from 480p to 768p, plus 1080i; the ability to zoom in on any source by up to 33 percent; selectable aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9 and 1.85; a programmable output aspect ratio from 1.33 to 2.35; and 2:2, 3:2 and 3:3 pull -down for film sources.

The VisionDVI automatically detects NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals, and also includes four configuration memories per input with unique set -up parameters for each memory; an extensive suite of test patterns; Gamma, Y/C -delay and multipoint grayscale calibration; CUE and ICP filtering, and programmable input and output color -space. A universal power supply, and optional ears for rack mounting enhance the processor's reliability and placement.

The VisionDVI video processor is available now from authorized Lumagen dealers at a suggested price of $999. It can be seen with Lumagen's other fine products at Booth 19A in the Indianapolis Convention Center during CEDIA Expo 2005.

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Lumagen, VisionDVI, VisionHDP and VisionPro HDP are trademarks of Lumagen Inc.

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