Multi-Room Audio System Distributed Over An Ethernet Network Using TCP/IP Protocol Provides Web Access Control

AUSTIN, TX - NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems based on Internet protocol (IP) technology, will showcase its DigiLinX™ line of distributed audio products in booth number 312, at the 2005 CEDIA Expo.

Networked Audio marks a fundamental change in the way audio is distributed and controlled in a multi -room system. DigiLinX is comprised of IP -Based audio products networked to distribute audio and control signals over an Ethernet network, using TCP/IP to multiple rooms. DigiLinX is the first and only completely IP -Based solution in the marketplace. Using open standard IP technology assures that DigiLinX interfaces simply with a wide variety of systems and products and can be controlled using any device equipped with a Web browser. Examples of interfaces that NetStreams believes will become popular with its customers are in -wall IP -based touch screen keypads, PDAs, web tablets, and PCs.

"We are very passionate about high -quality music reproduction throughout the home," said Herman Cardenas, founder and chief executive officer of NetStreams. "Our vision of providing superior audio performance, simplified operation, seamless integration, and a plan for the digital future of whole -house entertainment is achieved with the introduction of DigiLinX."

Networked Audio offers completely scalable systems with virtually unlimited sources and zones, more choices of user interfaces through open communication (TCP/IP), easy integration with other home systems, remote programming, troubleshooting, and upgrades.

The DigiLinX product line is comprised of several components:

· KeyLinX™ -KL100 & KL200 are single -gang in -wall keypads that work seamlessly with the NetStreams DigiLinX IP -Based Distributed Audio System. Perfect for those applications or audio zones where basic control of audio or a sub -zone is all that is required. The KeyLinX KL100 and KL200 both connect directly to the EIM (Expansion Interface Bus) connection on the SpeakerLinX controller.

· TouchLinX™ - IP -Based 4" color touch screen keypad with an integrated web server, and 4 -port Ethernet switch designed to interoperate with other DigiLinX products. A software upgrade will offer Voice -over -IP for room -to -room intercom and whole house paging. TouchLinX keypads will also display video from IP -based cameras.

· SpeakerLinX™ - IP -Based digital amplifiers offering programmability, control and reporting over a network. Larger models can be placed in a rack, or in a room near the speakers. Smaller models are designed to mount on or in speakers.

· SwitchLinX™ - IGMP (Internet Group Message Protocol) enabled, multicasting, non -blocking 24 -port Ethernet switch designed specifically for handling the high demands of networked audio/video distribution products. An AudioLinX server, which contains one SwitchLinX module, has inputs for native networked sources. Additional SwitchLinX modules can be employed to expand the network audio inputs.

· MediaLinX™ - A Legacy Audio Converter product that allows legacy (analog) sources to participate in a DigiLinX networked audio system by converting the source's analog or S -PDIF output into streaming audio, in real time, including representing the source's IR controls as TCP -IP controls on the network. Each MediaLinX supports one (1) legacy source with discrete IR output and power sensor input.

· ControLinX™ - Allows for easy integration and IP -Based control supported brands of lighting, automated heating and cooling, and other subsystems with the DigiLinX IP -Based Multi -Room Audio and Control system via IR, RS -232, or voltage sensor inputs.

DigiLinX offers a scalable system enabling virtually unlimited rooms and virtually unlimited sources. Using standard TCP/IP, DigiLinX has the most advanced integration capabilities available in distributed audio. It permits seamless communication with other home systems such as lighting controls, home automation systems, security systems, etc. DigiLinX's open architecture allows those systems to feed information for display and control, in real -time, eliminating the need for multiple keypads on one wall. In addition to selecting sources from the KeyLinX™ keypads, owners can finally browse their digital music content or XM Satellite Radio meta data via the keypad's color LCD or any web enabled device. Listeners can select their ID -tagged music by genre, album, artist or song title.

DigiLinX is now shipping.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

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