D -Tools Ships System Integrator 4.5

Other features include enhanced pdf content, interactive data reporting, link to PeachTree Accounting and importing projects from Crestron

CONCORD, CA, August 29, 2005 - D -Tools announced today that System Integrator 4.5 has begun shipping to users of the acclaimed software. Building on the success of version 4, D -Tools developed version 4.5 which incorporates the power of AutoCAD® 2006 and ease -of -use of Visio® working seamlessly in the award -winning D -Tools System Integrator solution. A host of new features also provide substantial enhancements to the software.

System Integrator 4.5 (SI 4.5) was developed in response to demand from system integration professionals wanting to use both applications in their business. Users of SI 4.5 can now create and open native AutoCAD® files in the plan, elevation and functional views and utilize the robust product database and powerful features that have made System Integrator the number -one choice of SI professionals in the low -voltage system integration industries.

System Integrator 4.5 is a total design solution that leverages the strengths of both AutoCAD® and Visio® to offer truly comprehensive design and documentation capabilities. Users of the software can work in Visio to take advantage of the intuitive user interface, the rich graphic capabilities, scalable vector drawings and drag -and -drop functionality, or they can work in AutoCAD® which features dynamic blocks, an enhanced Sheet Set Manager, precise drawing tools and efficient drafting. Both programs can be used together; System Integrator 4.5 unites Visio® and AutoCAD® inside a single application. In a typical process, the sales person will quickly create a line diagram to demonstrate the concept of a project in Visio and the engineers will continue the design process in AutoCAD® with elevations, plan views and schematics.

New features to the software include improvements to the automated delivery of product data which provides a seamless access for Data Subscription members to manuals, brochures and back panel images in pdf format directly from the D -Tools database without searching the internet; an interactive reporting system for data consistency which allows users to report incorrect data directly to D -Tools' data engineers and receive a notification that the change has been made; and LinkTools, which links to third -party accounting systems such as QuickBooks and PeachTree by Sage™ accounting programs, allowing users to create purchase orders, sales orders and invoices by importing and synchronizing product information instantly from an SI 4 project file; and the ability for users that have designed, programmed and documented projects with Crestron SystemBuilder software to import their projects into System Integrator.

The success of D -Tools' software lies in its ability to manage the entire workflow process using a single, shared project file. The greatest challenge for system integration professionals from a project management perspective is to keep all of the parties involved, including engineering, installation, project management and sales on the same page throughout the entire project. D -Tools solves this problem by keeping all project -specific details in one networked, unified, updatable project file. Users of D -Tools' software can now incorporate their AutoCAD® files into that seamless workflow functionality.

System Integrator software leverages the power of the rich D -Tools product database that tracks critical information such as dimensions, input and output information, phase of installation, time to install, price, cost, vendor SKU and more. Fields are user -modifiable to allow customization on such things as margin, cost of equipment and labor. These numbers are automatically calculated as each component is placed in the project and dynamically permeate throughout the project and into the final reports including proposals, detailed cost summaries, gross profit, pick lists and project hours. Removing or adding equipment anywhere in the project instantly updates all the associated drawings and reports. Accurate updated proposals or change orders are generated in a matter of seconds.

System Integrator software users rely on the software's ease -of -use and its ability to significantly shorten the design, documentation, proposal and management process. "In the past, we have spent up to 20 hours completing a proposal and documentation package," says Jim Monson, a designer with Bel -Tek Integrated Systems. "However, D -Tools SI software enables us to complete similar proposal in just 2 hours and with a greater level of detail and accuracy."

Users of SI 4.5 use Visio® to create plans, elevations, schematics, line diagrams and functional views. AutoCAD® files open in plan, elevation or functional views. Components from the product master database can be placed on the AutoCAD® drawing files with drag -and -drop ease. To use AutoCAD® with System Integrator 4.5, users will need a copy of AutoCAD® 2005 or 2006 however the software is optimized for the new dynamic block feature of AutoCAD® 2006.

D -Tools will be demonstrating Visio® and AutoCAD® working together in System Integrator 4.5 on the hour at CEDIA in Booth 325.

About D -Tools, Inc.

D -Tools is a worldwide leader in easy -to -use, highly accurate system design software. The company, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, offers a wide range of products and services created to simplify the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany residential and commercial installation projects of any size. D -Tools is the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Award (2004, 2005), National Systems Contractors Association and Sound and Video Contractor's Innovations in Technology for Business Productivity Award (2004, 2005) and CE Pro's High Impact Award for Design Software.

For more information, contact D -Tools at (866) 386 -6571, e -mail at info@d -tools.com or visit D -Tools online at www.d -tools.com.

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