Affordable Multi-Room Protocol Continues To Broaden Its Appeal

Rosebery, NSW Australia September 7, 2005 - - LeisureTech Electronics, inventors of A -BUS, the popular multi -room audio technology, announced a bevy of new products from A -BUS licensees around the world. The 2005 CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis is the launching point for new levels of functionality and style in several A -BUS markets and categories.

Among the announcements:
• Bringing iPod entertainment into the Multi -Room lifestyle
• More multi -source capabilities from more brands
• New levels of functionality for A -BUS in structured wiring systems
• Complete new MRAV systems
• Even new receivers with A -BUS/ready on board

LeisureTech Managing Director and co -inventor of A -BUS, Andrew Goldfinch explains the wave of new A -BUS introductions this way, "The level and diversity of A -BUS product development going on around the world is indeed exciting. The acceptance and growth of A -BUS by so many outstanding companies underscores that the simplicity of our approach is the key to its success."

Following are the main points of these new introductions:

Channel Vision introduces A -BUS to iPod
Looking to take advantage of the iPod craze and simplify the process of porting the iPod into any A -BUS system, Channel Vision of Costa Mesa CA has introduced the AB -311 iBus® iPod Wall -Dock for A -BUS. "Although iPods are inherently portable audio devices, many individuals like to listen to their favorite tunes while at home, hands free and without headphones," said Darrel Hauk, CEO and president of Channel Vision Technology. "Our new iBus offers music lovers the option of listening to their iPod -based tunes throughout their homes."

The iBus distributes iPod tunes through any standard A -BUS multi -room audio system while also charging the unit. With the integrated Omni connector, the iBus wall mount remains unobtrusive when not in use, yet its support ledge slides out easily, ready to dock an iPod at all times. The iBus also holds the iPod at an angle at light switch level allowing for easy reading of the iPod™s LCD display. It is compatible with any A -BUS multi -room audio system and any iPod with a dock connector.

Channel Vision™s new A -BUS hub flexes its muscle
Channel Vision™s new P -1014 1 x 4 A -BUS Hub combines punch -down and RJ -45 connection versatility. A single source distribution module, the P -1014 delivers power and audio signals to four amplified keypads, and has four emitter outputs that relay IR signals. The P -1014 easily interfaces with input devices such as CD and MP3 players, AM/FM radios and satellite tuners. Adding Channel Vision™s telephone intercom system provides whole -house paging through the system™s speakers.

Pairing the P -1014 1x4 A -BUS Distribution Module and the P -0925 Paging Module means designers and installers can provide homeowners with a complete, efficient and affordable multi -room music and communication system. And best of all, it also easy to install.

"This versatile hub is the heart of an A -BUS multi -room audio system," said Hauk. It is a perfect companion for in -ceiling speakers."

Channel Vision™s P -0925 Paging Module integrates seamlessly with Channel Vision™s P -1014 1 X 4 ABUS Distribution Module to provide efficient and affordable whole -house paging. The unit™s form factor allows the paging module to be easily mounted in a structured wiring enclosure, standard 19" rack, or attached to any flat surface.

Jamo Debuts New Transport Keypad
Last year Jamo launched the AVD4.6 A -BUS keypad to great success. Now they are adding the Source Transport Keypad LKP4.6 and creating an exceptional combination of intelligent flexibility and control. It has a string of learnable command and source transport features, similar to the Jamo LRD4.g learnable remote, and copies all commands and macros from this. It is even possible to clone the stored information to as many A -BUS keypads as you wish. The LKP4.6 recognizes all sources connected to the multi -room system and allows the user to name all sources so the LCD -display automatically shows the source playing. Clock, alarm and timer functions come along as well.

Also being introduced at CEDIA is the LM4.6 wall -plate that allows for a local zone source to be connected and played in its own zone and sub -zone. Two LM4.6 can be used in one zone for connecting to two sources.

Cambridge Audio Receivers feature A -BUS/direct and Goes Incognito
UK -licensee Audio Partnership is launching an entire new line of A -BUS products under the name Incognito, distributed in the US by Audio Plus of Buffalo, NY. Incognito is a cost -effective modular A -BUS system that is the first in the world to feature A -BUS/direct loudspeakers. A -BUS/direct refers to the A -BUS -amplified

speakers that enable the system to forego the wall control if so desired and simply control the A -BUS -powered speakers by remote.

The Incognito hub handles up to 6 audio and video sources and 8 zones, (up to 32 zones by daisy -chaining hubs). The Incognito system allows for three levels of complexity " from simple single -source A -BUS architecture to full on 6 A/V sources, enjoying up to four simultaneously. They may be Incognito, but everyone will know its A -BUS.

Honeywell™s New Home Automation System (HAS) Includes A -BUS
After many months of detailed preparation, Honeywell has launched their most ambitious home control project yet " HAS " for Home Automation System. Packaged neatly in the Honeywell structured wiring enclosure is a carefully designed system comprising hardware from Intel, Digital Deck, A -BUS and software from Home Automated Living (HAL).

Honeywell adds Four -Source Input to A -BUS range
Honeywell has also added a new four -input interface to their existing single -source A -BUS offerings. As their single -source success with A -BUS has grown, it became clear that desire for multi -source capability was clearly on their customer™s minds. The addition of the AUDZ400 four -input interface enables Honeywell customers to seamlessly add the flexibility of any four sources to their
A -BUS system.

Phase Technology goes Multi -Source
Phase Tech of Jacksonville, FL is gearing up for serious growth in their A -BUS business with the addition of the Hub -4 Four -Input, Four -Zone Switching Hub and TP -4 Multi -Source Volume Control keypad. With level adjustments for each of the four RCA source inputs and two banks of four zones each (one primary and one secondary), the Hub -4 is a highly flexible solution for a wide variety of A -BUS installations.

Phase Tech is looking forward to adding substantial new business by virtue of their newfound abilities of their A -BUS system to handle up to four sources independently. When coupled with the new remote control (included), with its separate A -BUS bank and learning capability, the new Hub -4 and TP -4 from Phase Tech are set to go.

Harman Kardon Expands A -BUS/ready Program Internationally
The Harman Kardon A -BUS program now heads to Europe with expansion of their A -BUS/ready receivers and associated A -BUS components. The addition of the single -source, four -room Hub makes it seamless and painless to extend the music value of the new HK receivers to other rooms throughout the home " in the US and now in Europe too.

About A -BUS
A -BUS is a unique, proven technology for multi -room audio that utilizes a single Category 5 cable to carry signal, data, IR, status and power. This innovative approach places the amplifiers closer to the speakers, enabling superior sound quality, increased flexibility, simpler installation, consumer -friendly operation and greater affordability. A -BUS technology, successfully utilized since 1998 and then launched worldwide in 2000, is quickly becoming the standard for affordable multiroom audio. A -BUS is the recipient of numerous industry awards and media acclaim for innovation and excellence.

About LeisureTech Electronics
Founded in 1977, LeisureTech Electronics™ is a global OEM technology provider and manufacturer for the residential systems market. LTE founder Andrew Goldfinch teamed up with Len Andrews in 1991 and in 1997 the duo invented
A -BUS, a revolutionary technology for multi -room audio. A -BUS, launched worldwide in 2000, is licensed to leading CE manufacturers and quickly becoming the standard for affordable multi -room audio applications. In 2005, LeisureTech opened its own design and manufacturing facility in Thailand to support its rapid growth while providing expanded resources for its customers.
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