Early Audience for Mobile TV Small But Enthusiastic

12-13% of U.S. Internet Users with at Least One Portable Device Are Interested in Video/TV on the Go

Dallas, September 1, 2005 - A small but dedicated segment of consumers will drive the early market for video content and live TV services on portable and mobile platforms, according to Parks Associates' recent study "Mobile Entertainment Platforms and Services". The majority of these consumers belong to a consumer segment dubbed Mobile Aficionados, which consists of more than 40 million Internet users.

The study, based on a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. Internet users, found 13% of those who own one or more portable devices would like to see capabilities for live TV integrated into these devices. In addition, 12% perceive the portable functionality of watching videos such as movie trailers and full -length movies as important.

"The percentages of consumers interested in mobile video/TV services are smaller than those for other functions such as taking photos and listening to music," said Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, senior analyst at Parks Associates. "But there is a group of hardcore mobile entertainment enthusiasts who are very motivated -either they have already adopted a portable device with video playback functions or are very eager to add live TV support to their mobile devices."

"Mobile Entertainment Platforms and Services" also finds that among those who value the capability for pre -recorded video services, close to 30% already own a portable device that serve this need, with another 7% showing a strong desire to have this function. For those who value TV viewing capabilities, a smaller percentage (10%) already have a capable device, and close to a one -fourth (24%) have very strong desire to add such a function.

"Portable multimedia players, portable gaming players, and video phones may soon be competing for these hardcore enthusiasts," Cai said. "Portable multimedia players have a head start, but cellular carriers could offer a variety of business models to offset this advantage, including on -demand viewing of news clips and sport highlights or access to 'real -time' content such as breaking news."

"Mobile Entertainment Platforms and Services" surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. Internet users (including teenagers) regarding their ownership, usage, and interest in different mobile/portable entertainment platforms and services. The study provides detailed cross -tabulation, factor analysis, and cluster analysis. For additional information about Mobile Entertainment Platforms and Services, visit http://www.parksassociates.com or contact 972 -490 -1113 or sales@parksassociates.com.

About Parks Associates: Parks Associates is a market research and consulting firm focused on all product and service segments that are "digital" or provide connectivity within the home. The company's expertise includes home networks, digital entertainment, consumer electronics, broadband and Internet services, and home systems.

Founded in 1986, Parks Associates creates research capital for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small start -ups through market reports, multiclient studies, consumer research, workshops, and custom -tailored client solutions. Parks Associates also hosts Fall Focus and co -hosts CONNECTIONS(TM) (in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association) each year. http://www.parksassociates.com.

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