LEISURETECH OPENS DEDICATED FACTORY Thailand Factory to Provide Increased Speed, Flexibility and Quality


Thailand Factory to Provide Increased Speed, Flexibility and Quality

Rosebery, NSW Australia September 1, 2005 - - LeisureTech Electronics, inventors of A -BUS the popular multi -room audio technology, announced an important milestone in the development of their OEM business. Sydney based LTE is opening a dedicated factory in Thailand exclusively for the benefit of their A -BUS and OEM customers. The modern facility will enable LTE to have greater control of the critical aspects of product concept, quality control, manufacturing efficiency, technical support and customer service.

While most of the world knows LeisureTech Electronics as the inventor of A -BUS Multi -Room Audio technology, LTE has been active on several other fronts over the years. Since 1991 in Australia, LTE has established a solid reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative, high -quality electronics products. Steadily increasing demand for these products has prompted LTE to take the major step of opening its own manufacturing facility in Thailand.

Reflecting on this major development, LeisureTech founder and A -BUS co -inventor Andrew Goldfinch stated, "Our combined years of experience in the custom electronics market provides us a unique perspective and strong competitive advantage. The LeisureTech OEM team is comprised of hands -on talents across the board in product concept, engineering, design and marketing to ensure we can deliver the right products that will meet the needs of our customers. In addition, our proximity to Asia is an added benefit for North American and European customers."
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LTE OEM carries with it the combined history and experience gained since LeisureTech's founding in 1977 by Andrew Goldfinch. As a teenager in the 1960's, he was involved in the emerging audio industry and helped introduce to the Australian audio industry some of today's best known names. In 1991, Goldfinch teamed up with Len Andrews and the two creative souls began to turn out award -winning products under the brand name Andrews Audio.

In 1997, the duo introduced their groundbreaking multi -room audio system known as A -BUS and by 2000 their voices began to be heard outside Australia. In 2002, LTE initiated an OEM program to supply A -BUS licensees with a dependable quality resource for their A -BUS products. Now the marketplace is clamoring for a greater range of A -BUS products and more. The expertise from Andrew, Len and the LTE team have proven to be invaluable to LTE customers around the world.

Over the years, LTE has learned to exert careful control of their Asian sources: strict adherence to BOM requirements, regular supplier visits to control QC and a concentration on clear communication. Also, being close to the Asian market has enabled LTE to create an efficient design and manufacturing company - combining quality Australian engineering with the cost advantages of Asian manufacturing.

In July 2005, this successful formula was expanded with the establishment of its own design and manufacturing facility in Thailand. LTE now offers this unique resource and extensive 'in house' service to A -BUS and OEM clients alike.

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About A -BUS
A -BUS is a unique, proven technology for multi -room audio that utilizes a single Category 5 cable to carry signal, data, IR, status and power. This ingenious approach places the amplifiers closer to the speakers, enabling superior sound quality, increased flexibility, simpler installation, consumer -friendly operation and greater affordability. A -BUS technology, successfully utilized since 1998 and then launched worldwide in 2000, is quickly becoming the standard for affordable multiroom audio. A -BUS is the recipient of numerous industry awards and media acclaim for innovation and excellence.

About LeisureTech Electronics
Founded in 1977, LeisureTech Electronics' is a global OEM technology provider and manufacturer for the residential systems market. Founder Andrew Goldfinch and Len Andrews teamed up in 1991, and in 1997 invented A -BUS, a revolutionary technology for multiroom audio. A -BUS, launched worldwide in 2000, is licensed to leading CE manufacturers and quickly becoming the standard for affordable multi -room audio applications. In 2005, LeisureTech opened its own design and manufacturing facility in Thailand to support its rapid growth while providing expanded resources for its customers.
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