Introducing StyleFi from Oregon Scientific

New line of audio equipment looks as good as it sounds

Introducing StyleFi ™ from Oregon Scientific: Audio Fashion Statements Heard Loud and Clear

Wireless Remote Speaker, CD Shelf System and Portable Music Station Make Music for the Senses

Tualatin, OR - September 1, 2005 - Today, Oregon Scientific, one of the world's leading designers and marketers of award winning, upscale personal electronic products, announced StyleFi - a personal audio product line that not only sounds good, but looks good too.

Music Sphere: Wireless Sound Heard Round
Music Sphere employs 2.4 GHz wireless digital audio technology to wirelessly play back and control up to three different audio sources, up to 100' away from the source. Long range wireless transmission means no cables or wires are required. Simply connect your MP3 player, iPod, stereo system or TV's audio output to one of the three transmitter sphere's independent audio input jacks and transmit the audio digitally, wirelessly and reliably. Dependable FHSS technology eliminates interference from other wireless signals and results in uninterrupted audio. The unique "Learn -Remote" function also allows you to use your audio source's remote control directly from the Music Sphere.

Music Element: Style at Your Fingertips
Music Element from Oregon Scientific combines high style with high quality sound in a sleek, glossy audio package that puts powerful playback at your fingertips. NXT® flat -panel speaker technology powered by SurfaceSound® provides undisputed audio quality. The stylish and slim speakers are housed in solid aluminum, and produce a rich and expansive sound that fills any room.

Designed with style and ease -of -use in mind, Music Element delivers high style and performance without the high price typically associated with luxury audio brands.

Music Orbit + Music Station: At Home or On the Go
Music Orbit is a shockproof MP3, WMA and CD portable player that supports CD text and ID3 tagging. Detailed with an aluminum -ringed crystal clear transparent lid the Music Orbit dynamically showcases your CD art to make an original statement. Its sleek polycarbonate plastic offers high -impact resistance, and at just .62 inches thick makes a perfect travel companion that includes an in -line fully functional LCD remote control and stylish earbuds. Its two -minute anti -shock protection and high optical transmission rate ensures high quality audio playback without the skipping a beat.

At home, keep the music going by simply docking the portable Music Orbit into the chic and glossy Music Station. With built -in stereo speakers, 5 equalizer presets and an AM/FM digital tuner with 20 presets, the Music Station serves as a portable listening station while also recharging the Music Orbit's batteries.

About Oregon Scientific

Nearly 16 years ago, Oregon Scientific set out to change the way we view and use technology. Our mission is to enhance everyday life through the concept of SmartLiving. Simply put, we live with consumer electronic products everyday from alarm clocks, cordless phones, to digital cameras and music players. Oregon Scientific products meld innovative technology with fluid design to create smart, functional products that can enhance everyday life.

Oregon Scientific is a global brand and creator of award -winning consumer electronics. Our innovative products range from self -setting Smart Clocks, home weather stations, super -slim digital cameras, MP3 players, cordless telephones, learning electronics, to sports fitness, and health products. Today the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of IDT International, one of the world's premier electronic manufacturers and a publicly listed Hong Kong group. For more information about Oregon Scientific, visit the company Web site at

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