ConFocus, Coaxsys to Produce TVnet -Ready IP Set -Top Boxes

New STB Software to Enable IPTV and IP Device Networking Over Coaxial Cable

LOS GATOS, CA - - 08/26/2005 - - Coaxsys, Inc., makers of multimedia -over -coax solutions, today announced that it has reached an agreement with ConFocus Technologies, Inc. to provide set -top box reference designs with integrated TVnet. TVnet, the standard for Ethernet -over -Coax, is already deployed by more than fifty Telcos, cable operators, and service providers to deliver IPTV and in -home multimedia networking. TVnet has, to date, been available in adapter form; this announcement marks the first publicly announced set -top box (STB) client integrations.

Atlanta -based ConFocus specializes in STB software products and services and has produced set -top client software and custom drivers for leading manufacturers and chip providers.

ConFocus' FocusWare™ client with TVnet enabled reference software will make it easy for market -leading set -top box manufacturers to incorporate Coaxsys' new OEM TVnet components into their set -top boxes. The first -of -its -kind agreement between the two companies is a leap forward in the IPTV and in -home IP networking arenas. Licensing TVnet permits set -top box manufacturers to deliver integrated Ethernet -over -Coax, which in turn will enable operators and service providers to deliver IPTV and in -home device networking without rewiring homes or adding additional devices to a home's network.

Gary Hoffman, Coaxsys VP of Business Development, noted the significance of the agreement: 'ConFocus is a leader in IPTV set -top software designs, so we are excited by their decision to incorporate support for TVnet. For some time we have heard operators and equipment manufacturers ask for a truly integrated IP networking solution. ConFocus is now helping to make this a reality. Operators will have set -top boxes that enable 100Mbps IPTV, multi -room PVR, and other Ethernet device networking - - over the same coax that delivers cable television.'

ConFocus' VP of Business Development, Charlie Bramhall, claimed that the agreement 'sets the standard for IP networking in set -top boxes.' He continued, 'Operators deploying IPTV or enabling in -home device networking have rapidly made Coaxsys' TVnet the standard for Ethernet -over -Coax. They want, however, an integrated solution that incorporates TVnet into IP set -top clients. We believe that our FocusWare™ client software enabled with TVnet will not only make set -top box manufacturers and application developers more competitive, but also speed the deployment of IPTV products and services with IP networking within the home.'

The two companies noted that ConFocus' reference designs will integrate advanced functionality featuring Coaxsys' CATV -compatible TVnet/C technology. The technology delivers a true 100Mbps high -speed network capable of delivering multiple HD video streams throughout a premise, networking PVRs and other devices, and providing high -speed data and VoIP networking. The companies said that the first TVnet reference implementations will be available this year.

About Coaxsys

Coaxsys, Inc. is the leader in high -speed multimedia networking over coaxial cable. The company's line of TVnet products enables operators, service providers, and custom installation professionals to deliver and distribute voice, data, and video throughout the home, office, or MDU environment. TVnet transforms coax receptacles into a high performance multimedia network, allowing people to network TVs, PVRs, video game consoles, computers, security systems, and more - - without having to rewire their homes or buildings with CAT -5 cable. Coaxsys also licenses its TVnet technology to partners, such as set -top box and semiconductor companies, that wish to make their products TVnet -Ready.

Established in 2002, Coaxsys is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information on Coaxsys, visit

About ConFocus

ConFocus Technologies is a leader in custom digital video and digital television software products and services, focusing on quality technology solutions for manufacturers and application developers. The company's experience includes developing software for cable, satellite, and IPTV products in the international and domestic markets. ConFocus has worked in the cable TV industry for many years and has extensive backgrounds in IPTV, Satellite, and Cable interactive networks.

For more information on ConFocus, visit

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