Polk Audio Updates Delivery and Pricing of Built -in Subwoofers and Matching Amplifier

Three new built-in subwoofers coming soon from Polk Audio. Two models are the least visually obtrusive on the market.

September 9, 2005, CEDIA Expo 2005, Booth 713, Indianapolis -Today Polk Audio announced new prices and delivery dates for their new line of built -in subwoofers and a dedicated power amplifier for custom home installation audio systems. The products were originally announced earlier in 2005. One model is sized for in -wall placement while the others are sized for in -ceiling/in -floor installation. Two models boast small grille sizes making them the least visually intrusive built -in subwoofers on the market. The new suggested retail prices (with amplifier) range from $1325 through $1650. These are the first built -in subwoofers from Polk Audio since the AB900 bandpass model offered between 1989 and 1991.

The CSW88 in -wall model features dual 8 -inch long -throw, shallow basket woofers mounted behind a metal pressure plate in a sealed enclosure. The robust enclosure is fabricated of MDF wood and 1/8" aluminum panels for resonance -free high performance. At 60" L x 13.5" W x 3.5" D, the CSW88 easily fits in standard stud walls without any protrusion into the room. Bass frequencies are launched into the room through a vent measuring 10" x 4". Once installed the CSW88 will look like an air vent, not a subwoofer. To ease wiring, the CSW88 has inputs on both the top and bottom sides of the enclosure. The CSW88 will be available in early 2006.
The CSW100 is an in -ceiling/in -floor design that can also be placed in entertainment cabinets and other types of furniture. The CSW100 uses a single 10 -inch woofer in a bandpass style enclosure fabricated entirely of low -resonance MDF. Patented High Velocity Compression Drive® bandpass alignment and a Slot port, combine to produce exceptional bass output unmatched by similarly sized built -in models. Measuring 26.2" L x 13" W and 9" D, the CSW100 comfortably fits in standard joist spacing and even in smaller Quiet Floor™ joist spacing. Bass frequencies exit the enclosure via an incredibly small 2" x 12" vent. The CSW100 will be the first model to ship to retailers in October 2005.

The CSW200 is another in -ceiling/floor model with a direct radiating 10" driver in a 1.5 cubic foot slot load vented MDF enclosure. Its large size (35.6" L x 13" W x 9" D) and long -throw woofer driver enable the CSW200 to produce robust bass down to the lowest audible frequencies yet it can fit between in the tighter joist -spacing of QuietFloor™ construction. With a 12" x 12" grille opening the CSW200 is best used in situations where ultimate performance is paramount and where small size and unobtrusive grille are not as critical. The CSW200 will be available in December 2005.

All three Polk built -in subwoofers are powered by an external Class D amplifier, the SWA500. Producing 500 Watts Continuous into 4 Ohms, the SWA500 easily powers up to two woofers to rafter shaking levels. Three plug -in SPEX data cards, one for each model of subwoofer, are shipped with the amplifier. Each one is pre -programmed to the equalization, infrasonic filter characteristics and power output that best match the woofer being used. SPEX stands for Secure Power & Equalization with an "X" tacked on to make the name sound cool. A full array of features include: front panel Level and Variable Low -Pass Filter controls, Overload Protection circuitry, low -level and high -level Inputs, 2 sets of outputs (for daisy -chain connection to additional amplifiers), Phase Switch and Auto On/Off.

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About Polk Audio
Baltimore, Maryland -based Polk Audio is an award -winning manufacturer of high performance audio products. Founded by Chairman Matthew Polk and CEO George Klopfer in 1972, Polk Audio holds over 50 patents for advances in loudspeaker design and technology. Polk's products include loudspeakers and electronic components for home, auto and marine applications, the first XM satellite home component tuner, the world's first active IP -addressable loudspeaker, and in the winter of 2005 -2006 the I -Sonic -the first entertainment system to include HD radio, XM Connect & Play capability and a DVD player. Polk products are available through specialist consumer electronics retailers worldwide. For the location of a Polk retailer or distributor in your area visit the Dealer Locator page of www.polkaudio.com or call us at 1 -800 -377 -7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358 -3600.

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