coNEXTion Systems introduces the world's first NO -TOOL in wall speakers

The high performance home theater zi inwall Series to debut at 2005 CEDIA EXPO

Simi Valley - coNEXTion Systems, manufacturer of the patent -pending NO -TOOL installation ceiling products, announces the addition of in wall speakers to its award winning C/I speaker line.

Using similar advanced technology to its patent -pending NO -TOOL inceiling speakers, the zi Series feature finger actuated dogs and lock levers to secure the two part Z -ToolTM frame and SnapLokTM baffle system for a less than 60 -Second speaker installation after the hole is cut and the wires are stripped.

The z2000i system is designed for high performance inwall home theater installations and includes a unique two part LR front channel design. The z2000i Mid -High Module features the patent -pending FlexBaffleTM made out of injected molded rubber with no refractive edges, in its own enclosure.

The FlexBaffleTM allows the front baffle to be able to pitch and roll on both the horizontal and vertical planes to angle the drivers into the best acoustic response area. The driver complement includes two 4.5" carbon fiber midrange drivers mounted in a D'Appolito configuration surrounding above and below a 1' custom engineered VifaTM low diffraction silk dome tweeter. The matching required Lower Frequency Module, the z2010i, includes two 6.5" carbon fiber woofers.

The z2020i, includes the same driver compliment as the both the LR mid -high module and lower frequency modules in a convenient one module center channel speaker, and includes the FlexBaffle section for the mid -high drivers. A Three position, front baffle mounted Mid and High acoustical adjustment switches are also included. Estimated SRP of the z2000i/z2010i combo and the z2020i is $1000/ea.

A specially designed dedicated front baffle selectable dipole/bipole speaker is included for surround applications. The z2050i features two 5.25" carbon fiber drivers and two 1' soft dome tweeters mounted at a 30 degree angle for wide dispersion, while maintaining a flush grille.
Estimated SRP of the z2050i is $1250/pr.

The z2000i system modules can all be purchased separately, and be mixed and matched with other coNEXTion inwall models and inceiling products.

The NO -TOOL zi Series also include the z500i ($250/ea) and the z1000i ($350/ea.). The z500i includes a carbon fiber 6.5" driver with a 1" low diffraction soft dome patent -pending 20 degree eye ball tweeter. The z1000i includes a similar tweeter and is surrounded above and below in a D'Appolito array by dual 6.5" carbon fiber woofers. It features a three -position high frequency level adjustment.

All zi series frames are molded from glass filled nylon 6/6 that eliminates potential buzz and rattle and feature an innovative frame and grille for a clean architectural design. Instead of traditional rectangular shapes, the speaker frame has a curved, softer look with a very thin exposed bezel to minimize the "picture frame look" of in wall speakers. The grille attaches magnetically and follows the clean curved look of the frame.

For a live demonstration, full feature listing, pricing, and availability, please visit us at the coNEXTion display at CEDIA EXPO in the RCA Dome SR -8.

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