eSommelier Introduces First Residential, Integrated WineManagement Server

Automated touch screen solves the problem of conveniently and effectively managing a valuable wine collection, now with a bar code printer and scanner.

Upper Saddle River, NJ - August 2005 - eSommelier (e summel yay) is the first all -in -one touch screen system that allows wine lovers to easily manage their collection of fine wines. Blame it on Sideways, or the recent Supreme Court decision allowing out of state wine shipments, but more people then ever before are installing custom wine cellars and purchasing wine for long term aging and investment. The problem is how does one effectively manage their burgeoning collection so that wines are enjoyed in their prime and not forgotten about?

The elation a collector feels at uncovering a long forgotten, treasured bottle of wine can quickly turn to disappointment when that bottle is opened and the wine tastes like vinegar because it passed its prime. Rudimentary forms of wine management such as hand written wine cellar journals and clunky software programs provide little relief because they are difficult to update and don't properly track the progression of a wine collection as it ages. eSommelier has changed all that and made wine management easy and enjoyable. At the touch of a button every wine in a collection can be viewed by Country, Region, Variety, Winery, Vintage or "Drink" date. In an instant a collector can see what wines are nearing their prime so that every wine is enjoyed at its optimum. eSommelier also lets you instantly see the value of each wine in your cellar as well as the total value of your collection C a helpful an necessary tool when insuring a valuable wine collection.

Although entering a bottle of wine into the eSommelier system only takes about two minutes, when multiplied by thousands of bottles the task begins to seem daunting. Enter Jeff Smith of Carte du Vin. Jeff recently became a dealer and installer for eSommelier after a client inquired about the product to him. Jeff has made a name for himself by perfecting his own form of "white glove" wine management whereby he flies out to the customer and manually enters in their entire cellar using computer spreadsheets. Jeff can now make eSommelier available to all of his future clients, and existing clients can choose to have their current spreadsheet imported into an even easier to use eSommelier touch screen.

Not to be confused with a computer, the interface's elegant wood grain design mimics the look of a traditional wine cellar and there are no extraneous computer programs running in the background. The eSommelier touch screen features an Ethernet port for receiving updates, a slot for a W -Fi card and USB ports for connecting a keyboard, mouse and the optional eSommelier bar code scanner. The touch screen's tolerances for moisture allow it to be placed directly in the wine cellar, or anywhere else in the home. Its integral base allows it to be stood upright, or using a standard VESA mount bracket it can be mounted flush to the wall.

Currently, eSommelier users can take advantage of UPC symbols by using the eSommelier bar code scanner to assign a wine's information to that UPC. Now with the new eSommelier Bar Code Printer collectors can create their own bar codes and easily catalog each individual bottle in their entire cellar, making tracking their collection over the years that much easier.

Creating a bar code is simple; after entering in a wine's information a unique bar code for each bottle will be created and printed immediately to be placed on the bottle. Each bottle in a collection is given a unique bar code so that collectors can simply scan the bar code and that bottle will be automatically removed from their collection. Tracking individual bottles rather than bins or cases is much more efficient allowing for collectors to differentiate between the locations of each individual bottle within a cellar.

eSommelier is constantly being updated with new features including the capability for system owners to go directly online to purchase wine. eSommelier is also researching it's ability to allow users to track auction sales and valuate their collection based on hammer prices.

MSRP of the eSommelier standard touch screen server is $5,000. MSRP of the bar code scanner is $1,000. Both are shipping now.

Designed and engineered by Media Access Solutions, eSommelier is the first residential, integrated Wine Management Server that gives wine lovers unprecedented access to their wine collections. Via a simple to use touch screen interface, collector's can search their entire wine cellar from anywhere in their home or abroad.

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