NuVo and HAI Partnership Allows Added Control

Now homeowners can integrate the rich sound of NuVo's quality whole-home music system with the rest of the technology installed in their homes.

July 8, 2005, CINCINNATI, OH -NuVo Technologies has announced a partnership with Home Automation Inc. (HAI) that allows NuVo's Concerto and Essentia home audio systems to fully integrate with HAI's OmniPro II automation controllers and OmniTouch touchscreens.

NuVo Concerto and Essentia whole -home music systems give homeowners extended control and customization of their music choices when linked to OmniPro II.

Now homeowners can integrate the rich sound of NuVo's quality whole -home music system with the rest of the technology installed in their homes. This gives them full access to all technology from each keypad.

NuVo gives homeowners the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from different audio sources, delivering music to different listening zones in the home. With the HAI OmniTouch touchscreen, users can control on/off, volume, muting, transports, audio source, and many other functions for each audio zone.

Additionally, homeowners can create "modes" in the HAI OmniPro II to customize their music and home control experience. Certain zones can be turned off or on at programmed times. For example, outdoor speakers can be turned off at night to prevent accidentally bothering the neighbors.

"HAI and NuVo together deliver an extraordinary value for the integrator and the consumer," says David Rodarte, President and Chief Operating Officer of NuVo Technologies. "With our new Concerto and Essentia amplifier -only model, the consumer will benefit from the elimination of separate audio control and the associated expense. Now with a quick touch of the HAI OmniTouch screen, the homeowner can instantly rev up a party, create an intimate dining experience, or set an environment of serenity and relaxation. We value being associated with such a premier company as HAI."

The partnership represents NuVo's continuing commitment to making home audio the best it can be.

NuVo Home never sounded so good.

NuVo Technologies is an innovator in the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of high -quality audio distribution systems. Offering electronics that represent the best value in class, NuVo provides superior engineering, distribution, and customer support from its offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and state -of -the -art manufacturing in mainland China. NuVo prides itself on designing and distributing products that are easy to install and operate in the home. NuVo products may be seen at the company's comprehensive web site at

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