Jungo Releases v4.0 of Its Gateway Software

OpenRG v4.0 and OpenSMB v4.0 enable the deployment of multi-play services in the home and office.

Jungo Software Technologies, a leading provider of residential, SOHO and SMB gateway software, today announced the release of OpenRG and OpenSMB v4.0, which includes new technology modules for broadband customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturers.

Jungo's v4.0 enhances Jungo's market leading OpenRG and OpenSMB product offerings with the modules, features and hardware platforms required for developing multi -service gateways. Version 4.0 brings with it the major new module additions of Quality of Service (QoS) support, remote DSLHome TR -069 manageability, anti -virus/anti -spam managed service, advanced office servers for office -in -a -box platforms and dynamic multilingual support. All modules can be remotely updated to gateways that are already deployed by Jungo's customers, and are pre -integrated into the OpenRG and OpenSMB software suites for easy implementation in future devices.

Jungo's QoS mechanism provides an end -to -end QoS solution, enabling the deployment of voice, video and high -speed data applications in the home and office. The QoS mechanism enables the delivery of such applications as VoIP telephony, broadcast video, IPTV, Pay -Per -View (PPV), VoD and on -line gaming services to home users and IP telephony and video conferencing to office users over existing broadband infrastructure. Delivering such services help service providers generate new revenue sources, increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU), create additional differentiation and significantly reduce customer churn.

"We are witnessing a global change in how broadband operators are providing services to the end customer - - Shifting from a 'dumb' data pipe, terminated by a modem, towards providing full featured residential gateways, with multiple revenue generating services, such as TV over DSL and VoIP. In the small business market, we are seeing a shift towards 'all in one' office routers, that encompass the Firewall, VPN, QoS and office servers, geared for their IT needs." said Ofer Vilenski, Jungo's CEO. "Our 4.0 release addresses these markets, and allows our customers to build these multi service residential gateways, and small business servers."

Both OpenRG and OpenSMB include anti virus / anti spam service module to help organizations and individuals protect their networks from viruses, worms, spam and non -productive content. Jungo, together with Aladdin (NASDAQ: ALDN), a leader in digital security solutions for the enterprise provide a turnkey gateway level email filtering service, specially designed for the home, SOHO and SMB markets. The email filtering solution provides enterprise level security for the home and small/medium business users and centralized protection for all mailboxes. Viruses and spam are blocked in the network, never reaching the customer premises.

The newly introduced version includes a dynamic multilingual support. It is available as part of OpenRG and OpenSMB's Advanced Management and Control module and contains a run time selection of web -based management user interface language, supporting: English, Chinese (Traditional Chinese), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew.

OpenRG's new TR -069 module is the only independent TR -069 software solution available today. It enables the standardized remote device management for residential gateways and allows service providers to automatically configure and remotely manage customer premises equipment (CPE) from a central location, thereby reducing the costs associated with truck rolls and on -site troubleshooting. Jungo's TR -069 module is hardware and management system (ACS) independent and is interoperable with several of the leading ACSs.

Advanced Office Servers module is available on Jungo's OpenSMB software platform. OpenSMB provides complete "Office -in -a -Box" support by implementing traditionally peripheral servers directly on the gateway. Web server, email server, ftp and telnet servers are all implemented on the gateway, allowing small business to host all their required services while eliminating the need for numerous dedicated peripheral servers. Additional services such as file access control configuration, RAID and data backup/restore capabilities complete this module by adding the security and data integrity expected of such SMB networking appliances.

About Jungo

Jungo Software Technologies is a leading provider of digital home and office networking software. Jungo offers integrated reference designs for home and SOHO gateways, storage devices, wireless and VoIP gateways enabling customers to simplify development cycles and provide the most innovative and cost effective home and office networking equipment. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California, sales and support offices in Taiwan, USA and UK and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo's investors include Conexant Systems, Infineon Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Partech International and Telesoft Partners.

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